Rob The Builder- Torch Reporter Digs Up Dirt on the Building 5 Construction Plans

Everyone knows about the construction that is going on outside of building 5. It has made it nearly impossible to get in and out of the building, and with how cold it is it just makes it even worse. Even though it’s such a big inconvenience for most people no one seems to know what they are doing.


Q: Who is the head of construction and who designed the plans?

A: “Flintco is the head of the construction while KKT Architects designed the plans after getting input from teachers. However we do hire different people sometimes,” says Principal Luke Gray.


Q: What is the construction doing?

A: “One of the major things that we are doing is that there are going to be big changes to the media center. They are taking one side of the library and turning it into classrooms and putting a hallway that goes in between,” says Gray “Then they are going to extend the library outside about 60 ft. They are also going to add more classrooms down below where the library extends, and put a terrace that goes to the library from outside.”

JHS Exterior 12-11-17

Q: Is there going to be any other construction after this is finished?

A: “As of right now there are not any other plans after this is finished but that could change later,” says Gray

JHS Exterior 12-11-17

Q: When will the construction be done?

A: “All of the construction is going to be done by the time school starts next fall,” says Gray.


After talking to Gray, I wanted to learn even more about what’s going on so I decided to talk to the Head of Construction Cliff Lemons about the plans and to get a tour of the construction zone.


Q: What are you changing?

A: According to Lemons, along with expanding building 5 they were also going to remove all of the old awnings, and planters, and then replace them all.

JHS Exterior 12-11-17

Q: Are you going to be doing anything else on campus?

A: According to Lemons they were in phase 3 of the construction and didn’t have anything else planned after this.


Even though the construction may be annoying now try your best to deal with it. When it is finished next year everything will be better than ever.


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