How To Be Single

     It’s was February. That’s a fact. You walked into the grocery store and were immediately consumed by shelves and shelves filled to the brim with pink and red chocolate boxes, candy, and adorable stuffed animals. That’s a fact. And do you know what else? You’re single. That’s a fact. While it can be difficult to see happy couples together on Valentine’s day and in February, the month of love, it can still be a fun and wonderful 28 days, without somebody else by your side.

     Junior Ashlyn Clifton shares about what she believes the significance of Valentine’s Day and the month of February actually is.

     “The real importance behind Valentine’s Day is to celebrate St. Valentine,” says Clifton. “He really showed kindness and love with helping others. It is celebrated on February 14th because that was his feast day of becoming a saint.”

     Valentine’s Day and the holidays of displaying affection and appreciation for a special someone or spouse is not just limited to these groups, but everyone in general, including those that do not have the means to observe the festivity themselves.

     “It is a day to celebrate with the ones you love, but also a day to help those in need and show kindness and love towards them,” says Clifton. “On Valentine’s day, I received gifts from friends, and I also attended Ash Wednesday at my church.”

     This year at Jenks, the Thespian Society threw a party where everyone in the school was invited, and a student from Student Council put individual sticky notes on practically every locker in building five. These acts of kindness and love showed those in relationships and those not that February isn’t all about romance, but establishing relationships with other people and figuring out who you are as a person.

     “I feel that being single is important because you learn how to love yourself before you can be with anyone,” says Clifton. “You need time to determine what you want in life and not rely on someone else to make you happy.”

     Being single isn’t a disease or some condition that only certain people have; it’s perfectly normal. Everyone is single at some point during their lives. Junior Ramsie Watson adds her feelings about the connotations of dating and love.

     “I think the real meaning behind this holiday is to celebrate romance and being with the people you love,” says Watson. “Being single is beneficial because it can help you discover different traits about yourself.”

     So, don’t spend the entire month binge watching The Notebook, Titanic, Dirty Dancing, and other love story movies while eating a gallon of your favorite ice cream. Rejoice that you have the opportunity to find who you are and what you wish for in life, so that when the perfect person comes along, you will have a magnificent, devoted, relationship.


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