DIY Letter To Your Representatives


Over the past month there have been many opportunities to speak up; there has been real discussion about gun control and teacher salary. Many people post their opinions on social media but, believe it or not, this is not the best way to make an impact on the community. So, how do you share what you think without annoying all of your Facebook friends?

In an earlier article with Senator James Lankford, he said that emails were the best way to get information to him, but as a person who mainly writes emails to friends and teachers, this task seemed a little daunting; so we’ll take it step by step.

First, you can’t contact your representatives if you don’t know who they are. This link will direct you to a site that tells you who your US Senator, US House, State Senate, and State House representatives are.

Second, you need to actually begin drafting the letter.

Re: (What You Are Writing To Talk About)

Dear (Whoever you are emailing),

My name is (name) and I am a (high schooler/ teacher/ etc.) that lives in the district that you represent.

(Clearly state your opinions and your reasons for supporting or opposing what you are writing about.)

(Use a personal anecdote to strengthen your argument through ethos. Include how this issue personally affects you/ your family/ your community.)

(Directly tell your representative what you want them to do or how you want them to vote on the issue.)


(Your name)

This rough outline should help you to draft a letter that may influence your community or your representatives vote.

By Sydney Langley

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