Torchy’s Tacos Review

Torchy’s sensational tacos have been exciting taste buds for years, but it wasn’t until recently that Tulsans were blessed with immediate access to this undeniable flavor party. Any notions you may have of walking in and avoiding an all-over sensation of excitement can be left at the door. When you first enter the restaurant (located on Brookside), the words “DAMN GOOD” greet you in all their irreverent, 1200 point font glory. And unfortunately for Tulsans’ future waist sizes, the boldness of Torchy’s does not end at the decor.

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The menu is conveniently constructed to suit a wide variety of appetites and price ranges. Most of the food items are six dollars or less, and portions are such that you can sample a few different tacos at a time in good conscience. Relatively speaking, the chips and dip are on the pricier side (averaging $5 to $6 dollars), but that fiesta of flavor is well worth the cost of admission. Those of you partial to the extra-chunky, tear-inducing variety of salsa, step aside. Torchy’s salsa has a texture similar to that of a fresh salsa verde; it is flirtatiously light and refreshing with a bite in the aftertaste that keeps you coming back for more. The Green Chile Queso takes melted cheese to a place few have dared to venture before. Its kick is subtle but addicting, and its saltiness is criminal. The crowning glory of this dip is hidden deep within its core, where an unsuspecting dipper may at any moment stumble upon the secret cove of fresh guacamole. Crazy? Maybe. But every risk that Torchy’s takes with their queso pays off in spades.


While, compared to the dips, the tacos tend to play on the safer side of the flavor line, there are seemingly endless combinations of chiles, cheese, and land dwelling or sea-faring animals on the menu. There are also vegetarian options, however these are limited. Unfortunately, the tortillas are layered double thick; this is helpful for mess-avoidance, but the taste of the flour overwhelms all but the most competitive of flavors. In spite of this, the low cost and high variety of tacos on the menu makes them well worth the trip down to Brookside.

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Whether you’re looking for a quick taco to-go or a lively (and better yet, inexpensive) place to hang out on a Friday night, Torchy’s Tacos is hard to disappoint.

By: Olivia Hurd

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