Huge Pizzas and Damp Dresses: A Girl’s Journey to Prom

Senior prom. It’s a big deal. Not only because the price of your dress, but the memories that you make. Life is full of milestones, and prom is an event that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. The Trojan Torch went on a journey to prom, and  here’s how the expected became unexpected.

Good Morning Sunshine

Splish splash, it’s the morning of prom, and the rain is already soaking the once dry concrete. I woke up roughly at 10am but didn’t get out of bed until 12pm. Finally after finding the motivation to get out of bed, I went to go make breakfast. A few days before I had the stomach flu so my breakfast consisted of a warm cup of soup and some artificial strawberry flavored jello.

The Glam Process

Most people get hair appointments for prom, but not me; I wanted to be special. In my defense it was raining on prom day, and I didn’t want to spend $50 on a hairstyle that will get soaked in the rain. At 12:30pm I started the process of doing my hair. My hair being naturally curly, I wanted a change, so I straightened my once curly strands and added some loose waves. Following the hair was the makeup. The plan was to have really dramatic eyes with all the glitter and fake lashes, but the original vision of dramatic eye turned into a simple sparkly lid. At 2pm my friends Tatiana Barkley and Saskia Dodson arrived at my house to get dressed together. Quickly pacing ourselves we were finally ready at 4:05pm to head towards our meeting area.

Vroom Vroom

My group and I decided to meet at our mutual friend Joshua Romer’s house. At 4:30pm the limo arrived (thank you Joshua Paul’s mom), and the rain was pouring even harder than before. In front of Romer’s house there’s a huge staircase leading to his front door, and let’s just say the stairs seemed even steeper in 4 inch high heels. Like gentlemen, the guys of the group held the umbrellas for us ladies until we entered the limo.

At 4:45pm we arrived at the Marriott Hotel to take our prom pictures. The original plan was to take pictures at Woodward Park, but that was no longer a great idea since it was raining. As soon as we entered the lobby we noticed that we weren’t the only ones to think of this brilliant idea. We saw tons of girls in their fluffy ball gowns and boys in their suit and ties. Since there was such a large amount of people the hotel manager had an announcement, “If you do not have a reservation to stay here, then please find your way towards the exit!” Of course we heard the managers request, but first we needed a few quick shots for memories.


Bon Appétit

Dinner time aka the best time of the day. At 5:45 pm we arrived at Mondo’s for dinner. There was a slight problem with exiting the limo initially. The limo could not stop in front of Mondo’s because it was a busy street, which resulted in us running out of the limo barefoot for dinner. I recall hearing the words “Go! Go! Go!” being shouted as exiting the vehicle. FInally we sat down and ordered, and my friend Romer realized he ordered a 12 inch pizza all for himself. We quickly judged and Romer kindly told us to “back off my pizza please.” Dinner was a success and then we headed towards the second picture location.

Lights! Camera! Action!

The second photo location was Pink Itzel located at downtown in front of the BOK Center. Saskia suggested that we take pictures in Urban Outfitters, but everyone agreed that wasn’t a great idea. I called Pink Itzel the night before to make sure we wouldn’t be kicked out of the pastry location for flash photography. The employees were really nice and even complimented our tuxedos and gowns. Needless to say, the Pink Itzel photoshoot was a success.

Save Money Live Better… Prom?

Shockingly we were ahead of schedule and had some time to kill, and what better better place to go then Walmart. We initially wanted to go to Target but the limo driver ignored us to the point to where we had to call him on his cellphone. That is beside the point, the point is we looked like complete studs strutting inside of Walmart. Pedro Lugo discovered a device in the store that locates all the items you need.


Saskia decided to search up “marshmallows” for the fun of it and tracked those balls of fluff down. Suddenly we all stumbled upon a group of lawn chairs and we decided to sit casually and people watch. I’m not going to lie we got some stares for multiple reasons, but some nice ladies offered to take our picture.


A Blast From The Past

It was finally time for what we all have been waiting for… prom! Picture this: a white limo pulls up to the Glenpool Convention Center blaring “We are the Champions” by Queen accompanied with cold misting rain. In my head I visioned this in slow motion with us all walking side by side with some retro shades, but unfortunately in reality we were running inside to not get wet. Finally arriving inside the building, we were welcomed with a long line of students trying to enter the dance as well. Once we were inside all you could see was the pastel lights gleaming on the walls, and the hot air balloons separating the seat area from the dance floor. It looked magical but something looked even better than the lights… the food. Sadly I could not eat from the abundance of choices, and settled for bottled sprite considering my past sickness. Every song the DJ played was from 2010 and before with the exception of “Love on the Brain” and “Sign of the Times” by Rihanna and Harry Styles. The night was filled of memories that will be cherished forever, and laughs that will last a lifetime. I am so thankful to have experienced my senior year prom with my best friends.

By: Mahogany Easiley

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