ChromeBro Speaks! Using Your Chromebook to Its Fullest Potential: Keyboard Shortcuts

Have you ever found yourself in need of opening a new tab, but don’t want to have to use your trackpad? Or have you ever been wanting to switch to your previous tab from that new one you just created, and don’t want to have to click on it? Well, no more, I say!

Andrew Cross here, aka the ChromeBro, with the top 5 most useful chromebook shortcuts for your tabs that will make your chromebook experience easier, and more enjoyable.

#1 Opening a new Tab

Opening new tabs can become annoying to do, especially if you need to quickly open multiple tabs in quick succession. Use Ctrl + T to open your own brand new tab without having to even touch the trackpad.

Ctrl + T

#2 Switching Between Tabs

When you have to quickly switch to another tab or between multiple tabs, using your trackpad can be a hassle. Save yourself the trouble and use the command Ctrl + Tab to switch to your next tab and Shift + Ctrl + Tab to switch to your previous tab.

Ctrl + Tab & Shift + Ctrl + Tab

#3 Switching to a Specific Tab

If you ever find yourself having a lot of tabs and you don’t know where your tab is it can be annoying to find it. Now, this trick only works if you have 8 tabs or less. Let’s say you have 7 tabs open, and you are currently on tab 2, and need tab 5. You could just push Ctrl + Tab 3 times, but there is an easier option. Simply press Ctrl + 2, and it will take you to your second tab. This works up until Ctrl + 8. However, using Ctrl + 9 will take you to your very last tab no matter how many tabs you have.

Crtl + #

#4 Closing Tabs

Closing a tab is every more annoying than opening one because you have to click the little ‘x’ on the tab. This can be a hassle if you have to close multiple tabs. The quickest way to do this is actually to use a keyboard shortcut. Using Ctrl + W will close the tab you are currently on. Be careful that you don’t press shift, however, because using Shift + Ctrl + W will close all of your tabs.

Ctrl + W & Shift + Ctrl + W

#5 Reopening Previously Closed Tabs

This keyboard shortcut is probably the most useful of all. If your friend jokingly closes your tabs and you had an important one open, do not fear! Using this shortcut will simply reopen the tab that you last closed, or, if you closed more than one tab at once, it will restore all of them! You can also use this commands multiple times in a row to reopen even more previously closed tabs. Just press Shift + Ctrl + T.

Shift + Ctrl + T

That was the top 5 keyboard shortcuts to help you manage your tabs. I will see you next month with the top 5 shortcuts that will help you with everyday work. ChromeBro, signing out.

2 thoughts on “ChromeBro Speaks! Using Your Chromebook to Its Fullest Potential: Keyboard Shortcuts

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  1. I will often switch tabs on my Chromebook using 3 fingers on the touchpad. Just use 3 fingers and shove left or right in the direction you want to go. This method does take some practice as I have sometimes blasted myself to the end of the row of tabs before. Ctrl + T is a great way to do this, one at a time and I thank you for reminding me of that one.


    1. Oops. Meant to say Ctrl + Tab on that last sentence. Ctrl + T creates the new tab. Call this example A of remember to carefully reread what you write.


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