All Fun and No Stress: Underrated Tulsa Hangouts and Hideouts

BY Victoria Gaikwad

I get it, Tulsa can be uneventful and bland, but I assure you that there’s more to this home of ours than we know. Some of us are gonna be here a little longer than others, so hey, in the meantime, why not have some fun? These are some amazing experiences you don’t want to miss, that are a great way to spend or waste some of your extra time, and they are affordable.


Mystery and Fun

Are you looking for a great night where you can nonstop argue with your friends or even show off how great and compatible you and your bestie are? Or to completely show off yourself, and how smart you actually are?

The Escape Tulsa, for one is a different and unique experience. Instead of sitting around in a room and doing nothing, you are locked in a room for about an hour and must solve these mysteries. There are four different themes that can be attempted but each room has different puzzles to be solved and clues to find. You have to hurry before the time runs out. If you like mystery or constantly being on the edge of your seat, the Escape Room is perfect for you.  Have some friends pitch in and enjoy the mystery.

  • Hours:  Closed Mon and Tues, Open Wed and Thurs from 4-10 pm.Mondays and Tuesdays they are closed but fear not, Wednesday & Thursday they are open from 4pm-10pm. On weekends they are open from 11am-10pm.
  • Cost: $99 for a group of 7
  • Location:  1448 S Carson Ave, Tulsa, OK 74119.
  • For more info:  (918) 574-8995 or


Game Night

Nowadays, video games as well as every other game is virtual, but why not change it up a bit and go back to the good old days.

Then again I know some people are not thrilled about the idea of a mystery and confusion. However for a more docile and calm environment, Shuffles is the place to be. An entire building filled with classic and modern board games. Also if you get hungry during the long duration and intense board games, there is an on site restaurant, full service coffee shop, and even a marketshop. Your stomachs and brains will be actively pleased. For last minute, late night plans, hit up Shuffles.

  • Hours: Open Monday to Thursday from 4pm-12am, Fridays from 4pm-2am, Saturdays from 11am-2am, Sundays from 11am-10pm
  • Shuffles is located downtown on 207 E Archer St Tulsa,OK 74103.
  • For any further questions call (918) 728-7252 or visit


It’s the Climb

Some of you guys do nothing but sit around on your phones or computers and know nothing but watch netflix all day. So truly help yourself out and get moving!

Climb Tulsa is great for those who like to be more physically active and adventurous. They offer a variety of classes including yoga. They also offer a first timer package which is $35 and includes top rope training course, full gear rental, and a one day pass. The items vary in price. They also offer group and/or party specials, with a minimum of 10 people. That would be hard to pass up. If you and your friends are feeling the adventure, but are more for an indoor kind of day, this would be the way to go.   

  • Hours:  Open Monday through Friday from 10am-10pm, Saturday from 9am-10pm, Sunday from 10am-6pm
  • Climb Tulsa is located 4923 E 32nd St, Tulsa, OK 74135.
  • For for info call (918) 439-4400 or visit


A Day in the Sun

Another more physically inclined hotspot is the All Star Sports Complex. Here you can enjoy a thrilling and competitive little game of mini golf outdoors or some indoor baseball cages, pool, and other arcade fun. This is a great place to go for a day out with the family and is very cost efficient. They also offer party packages! You can have a good time with your friends while enjoying some pizza, a few round of Gilligan’s Island, and get some swings in at the batting cages. Or if you and a friend just want to go enjoy the nice weather playing mini golf, it is only $7 per person for the ages 15 and above. After a long day competitively playing against your friends, you can treat yourself to Neives Mexican Grill.


And for a cost efficient kind of night, behind the Jones airport, there is an open field perfect for just sitting and watching the planes take off and land. So grab some food and turn on some netflix and enjoy the night as it goes on.

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