ChromeBro Speaks: Chromebook Shortcuts

The ChromeBro here, aka Andrew Cross, and it’s around that time of month to bring some shortcuts to help you use your chromebook to its maximum potential. This month’s shortcuts work best when used together, and will help you in general everyday work and assignments.

Ctrl + A =  Select All

The first shortcut is probably the most useful shortcut you can use. It highlights everything on the entire page. Want to highlight your whole essay? No problem! Just press Ctrl + A and the whole masterpiece will be selected. All of the following commands work well with this command specifically.

Ctrl + C = Copy

Pressing Ctrl + C will copy whatever you have highlighted or selected. This saves the hassle of having to use the edit menu or select copy from the right click menu and clicking copy. Using this command multiple times will not work. Doing so will simply replace whatever you previously copied. This is because your clipboard only stores one item at a time.

Ctrl + X = Cut

This command has the exact same functionality that the first command does, however instead of copying your text pressing Ctrl + X will cut it from the page. Don’t worry though! A copy of the text will be saved in your clipboard for you to use later on.

Ctrl + V = Paste

Have you just copied or cut something and want to paste it somewhere else? Don’t go to the hassle of having to go to a menu and clicking paste. All you have to do is click on the page where you want the text or item to be pasted and press Ctrl + V. This will paste your prior copy or cut right on the page.

Ctrl + Z = Undo Last Action

Let’s say you highlight your whole essay, maybe even using our first command, and… well you accidentally delete it all. This can happen anytime, even when just deleting stuff normally. Everyone deletes something they didn’t want to sometime in their lives and wants to get it back. The majority of you probably already know you can click the undo button, but that takes work. Press Ctrl + Z and whatever you last deleted will be restored! Also, you can press it multiple times to keep undoing prior deletions.

Ctrl + L, R, E = Align Text or Item

Ever been doing a homework assignment and have to constantly align the page to the left, middle, or right and back again? Well this takes the chore out of doing it. Ctrl + L aligns the text or page to the left, Ctrl + R aligns the selection to the right, and you guessed it: Ctrl + E aligns it to the center.


That’s all for today! Enjoy your newfound shortcuts start using your chromebook a bit closer to its fullest potential (which I admit is not very high). See you again next month! ChromeBro signing out.


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