“Warm Winter” Scarf Drive

BY Camille Jones and Charlotte Suttee

There are almost 6 thousand homeless individuals in Tulsa alone. All scarves and donations will go to the Denver House downtown.

Scarf Making: November 20th, afterschool, in Room 5222 (Mr.McCown)

WE NEED fleece fabric to make scarves, since scarves are versatile. Fleece is about $5 per 60’’ wide yard at Walmart or online. Come make scarves, even if you can’t donate, Tuesday November 20th.



Packages of crackers

8 oz bottles of water


Soft granola/nutrition bars

Travel size toothpaste


Travel size kleenex packs

Travel size deodorant

Bar soap

Travel size shampoo


Wet wipes

Feminine hygiene items

Hand warmers

Rain ponchos

Other Donations: Drop off in Room 5222

You may also make a monetary donation by making out checks to the Trojan Torch, project #858.

The scarf drive’s fabulous first donator, Greg Tiller.

Thank you for your support!

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