One Last Ride

By: Kinslie Washington

Fans are cheering, coaches are yelling, players are fighting, and the game is starting. The stadium is full and the lights are beaming down, it’s the start of the championship game and the first for sophomores and juniors and the last for the seniors. The fans are cheering then they got silet, kick off just happened and and the starters were running.



First Quarter:

  • Broken Arrow’s opening kickoff goes into the endzone.
  • The ball is given to QB Ian Corwin (12) he throws it to RB Dreyson Watters (12) and he catches it and starts running, he is almost taken down but stays up and runs all the way to endzone and scores a 80 yard touchdown in the first minute of the game.
  • Jenks misses extra point after two false start penalties.
  • BA’s offense goes in and was working hard but our defense was working harder, Jenks intercepts the pass to BA but it ends up being overturned. Broken Arrow ran the ball and scored a touchdown before the end of the 1st quarter and sinks the extra point

Second quarter

  • BA is in the lead 7-6.
  • Jenks has the ball and Corwin makes a pass to WR Blake Pitcock(12). He makes a touchdown a minute into the second quarter.
  • Eathan Barnard(12) makes his second extra point attempt.
  • BA gets the ball and RB Noah Cortez(12) ran it twice and fell short a couple yards before the endzone, but a third time they finally made a touchdown.
  • Jenks has the ball again and Corwin throws to RB and OLB Jacob Shelly (12) and runs and it takes 5 different players from BA to take him down.
  • We inched little ways from the endzone and got a penalty and pushed back 5 yards, Corwin throws to WR Julian Clarke (12) after several attempts Clarke makes it into the endzone.

Third Quarter

  • Jenks is in the lead with 20-14. The teams were able to rest up during halftime and get ready for the second half of the game.
  • BAs offense is trying relentlessly to make a comeback and Jenks defense is fighting hard to keep them away, after many failed attempts and tackles BA runs the ball right to the endzone.

Fourth Quarter

  • BA in the lead 20-21, it’s time to wrap this up and finish the game and for all the player from each side to put there all in it.
  • BA makes a comeback making it hard for Jenks to get a touchdown with a penalty on Jenks pushing them back 5 yards. BA gets the ball with 7 mins and 51 seconds left on the board the game is postponed with the clock at 4 minutes and 51 seconds due to bad weather.
  • It takes an hour and a half to finally get back out onto the field, Jenks gets the ball and is trying hard to score another touchdown before the clock runs out.
  • Corwin throws the ball but is intercepted by a BA player ending the game 28-20 BA state champions.

Silence ran through the stadiums of the trojans as it is the Seniors’ last game wearing the Trojan colors. Tears started running down the faces of players, students, parents, and coaches. Every Friday for the past 8 years of seniors at Jenks lives were spent at the Friday night lights and it’s just over in a flash. Our Trojans fought hard and long, we had a hard loss but even better victories We’re  so proud of our team and even prouder to be Trojans.

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