Jenks FFA

BY: Elise Siebert

Students at Jenks High School are involved in many different clubs and activities. FFA (Future Farmers of America) is a club that involves welding, farming, and botany. JHS even has a farm with goats, sheep, and pigs. Some members participate in raising and showing animals; to prep for shows, students have to wash, clip and polish their furry friends. Members have to be very dedicated, and they are expected to go to the farm twice a day to keep the washing and feeding.

Take a deeper look into Jenks High School FFA.

FFA member helping out with hanging pots in the JHS Greenhouse during second hour.
“I got involved my freshman year. I’ve mostly been involved in the agriculture classes like working in the greenhouse and the plants. I haven’t really showed any animals but I always go and attend the shows. I just work with my animals at home,” Senior Madison Shufeldt said.
Another FFA member in the greenhouse helping pot plants.
FFA members work with different types of plants and have to keep them alive and growing.
Students are required to visit the greenhouse and stay involved in their activities.
Senior Madison Shufeldt watering plants in the JHS greenhouse.
Junior Jaiden Bentley has a goat named Hazel. To prep Hazel for shows, Bentley has to wash her with special whitening shampoo, clip them, and grind their horns with sandpaper. “Not a whole lot of people show animals. My dad did, he showed pigs and sheep. I really wanted to get into it. So last year I started showing, just started small and spent a little bit of money. Then this year, we kinda went all out,” Bentley said.
Senior Miranda Mcintosh washing her pig in the FFA farm.
“At the shows, you are judged upon their body mass and how well you can guide them around. They also look at showmanship, which is how you interact with the pig and how they interact with you.” Senior Miranda Mcintosh said.
Students are expected the visit the farm twice a day to feed and wash their animals.
“Seeing Hazel improve, it’s pretty cool. If I let her off the leash she will follow me,” Bentley said, “I just stay motivated by seeing everyone compete, it’s almost like a family.”

FFA has around 230 members and each one has different goals and works hard to achieve them. Whether it is potting plants or raising goats, they are all Future Farmers of America.

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