December Art and Writing

Compiled by Charlotte Suttee

Thank you to everyone who submitted to December Torch Art and Writing. Submit your work to by the end of January to be featured in the next issue. More guidelines found on Torch Art and Writing.

Sorrowful Glare by Jasmine Oben (9)
Materials: Pencil
Collision by Hudson Mazzei (12)
Materials: Spray paint
Into the Unknown by Jadon Song (12)
Bliss by Daylon Barlow

sometimes i think that
i never would have been a fan of my own poems.
i am not enough
not enough education, not enough experience, not enough feelings, not enough audience, not enough theory –
i just go by intuition.
i don’t have rhymes, i’m scared of the restrictions of meter and syllable count, and if i’d just practice i’d learn. probably.
but that leap. that jump into the unknown
is like asking me to quilt with the bones of my ancestors
rattling against the mirror
i never would have been a fan of my own poems.
but isn’t that the joy of hypothetical quilts.

6/8 February 2018

Eliza Fitzhugh (11)
December 15th by Camille Jones
Materials: Watercolor

out of love
with poetry
is like the abandonment of a dear friend.
24 May 2018

Eliza Fitzhugh (11)

music is art
a poem.
a small reflection into
a fleeting smile, a flash of light
and love.
it is rhythm and tempo and syntax
distilled in dewdrops
and crashing down like ocean waves, brushing like
butterfly kisses
on the tip of your nose, which
everyone knows is the window to the soul.

24 May 2018

Eliza Fitzhugh (11)
Sea of Sand by Jadon Song (12)
Materials: Oil Paint

I like to drive with the top down,
feel the raincoat flutter
and rivulets of rain over my skin

the mist of this gloomy morning
washed away the bee sting that
let you out of my heart.
the “crush” about it
was the overbearing presence of you
but now I release it like an old breath
and inhale the honey rain

I like the shapes of water
that dart away from the driver’s window
and the hush driving over wide puddles on the road

Dec 17 2017


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