Reviews for You-s: What to Watch, When you Shouldn’t Watch

By: Kinslie Washington

Being in high school we are constantly busy and struggling to get all of our assignments done. So knowing all of this I will procrastinate till the last minute and sit in bed watching my favorite TV shows. If you want to binge watch shows that will have you hooked here are a couple of reviews for some that I love and am waiting for more seasons and episodes to constantly come out.

Hot New show: “YOU” Netflix 10 Episodes

A new, addictive psychological thriller on Netflix.  Joe a New York bookstore manager falls in love with a customer named Guinevere Beck and quickly become obsessed with her. After she used her debit card to make her purchase he figured out her name and found her on all social media platforms. From there he found where she lived, worked, goes to school, and hangs out with friends. The brilliant aspect of this show is you start to rationalize his actions, you might of even started to root for him and then you snap back to reality, it emphasizes how easily people can be manipulated and not even realize it. This show will have you at the edge of your seat in every episode and leaving you asking why. The main character in this show is Penn Badgley some know him from from Gossip Girl as Dan Humphrey. He plays this crazy mentally unstable person so well it convinced me this is how he is in real life. If you like danger, love, obsession, and obstacle after obstacle then you will love this show. This show does contain sexual activity.

Overlooked show: “Grown-Ish” Hulu 17 Episodes

This show came out over a year ago and is now on a second season, it’s a American sitcom series on freeform, its a spin off from the show black-ish, following a black family in a white society and the troubles they face their friends, neighbors, and coworkers. It follows a girl starting her first year of college and first year of adulthood. She starts getting exposed to all the new experiences after being sheltered her whole life and realizing not everything goes her way. She starts making friends she normally wouldn’t of hung out with in highschool and starts dating her first boyfriend and experiencing the pressure coming from boys and friends. I will warn you this show does go over the pressures of drugs and sexual activity. The brilliant aspect of this show is that its real life situations that people would face. I would recommend this show to anyone about to start college or is already in college to see that everyone goes thru these things too and it could help you make the right decision on things your confused about. The main character of this show is Yara Shahidi known for her role as the teenage daughter on black-ish.

Relatable show: “Awkward” Hulu 89 Episodes

This show is over but had quite a following while it was on the air, it’s a American comedy series. It follows and is narrated by the main character Jenna who lives a very awkward life. Each episode starts off with something awkward that happens to Jenna. She starts having relations with a popular “jock” at her school while being bullied by half of the school and living with her overbearing chill parents. It takes you thru the daily routine and problems a teenage girl goes thru and how she handles every obstacle thrown at her. This show does contain the pressure of drug use and sexual activity. Jenna is all around just a loser who only has two friends but is trying hard to fit in and become good enough or popular enough to try to win the boy over. If your in highschool I would recommend watching this show because it shows that everyone is struggling to try and fit in and with pure pressures.

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