Sweet Life In Tech

We all need to make money, but HOW!? There are a some Jenks students out there who have cracked the code and are going to make big bucks off of something they enjoy doing.

With applications being due towards the end of February, Tulsa Tech is trying to catch the attention of students just like you to look into their large array of courses they can offer. And you would never believe the different courses they have to offer to the students. Here is just a few of them;


Animation was a course that many seemed to not know that it was offered. Actually, junior Sophia Ramirez, did not find out about this course until taking a campus tour of the Riverside campus.

“Animation is mostly art based. At the end of the year we will be certified in photoshop and have already learned some of the software that goes along with most jobs offered with animation” Ramirez stated.

Ramirez loves the hands on training that is provided through Tulsa Tech and loves the idea that Tech offers a program that applies to the career path she is looking into.

“ At Tulsa Tech, they do a lot to help us prepare for our future,” Ramirez explained. “We have professional Thursday, every Thursday, where we dress how we would dress in the workforce“.

Ramirez loves this course and the people from all over this district that are involved with it.

Animation 1 programs and projects they have been working on throughout the year


Cosmetology school is something that is offered to boys and girls all across the country after college, so surely a school wouldn’t offer it in high school, right? That is where you are wrong.

Junior Rachel Ratliff,  was extremely happy when finding out that this course was being offered, as she has been interested in this type of field since she first was given makeup.

“ We have already learned about how to do acrylic nails and a 180 degree cut,” Ratliff states, “And there is way more to come too”.

Ratliff also told me about the competition part of cosmetology.

“It looks amazing on applications, giving you a huge benefit over other applicants”.

Ratliff also stated that after taking this two year program, which she’ll be done with at the end of her senior year, she will be completely certified in cosmetology.

Nassar also talked of someone she knows who owns a business involving cosmetology actually refers her people in training to Tech over many other cosmetology schools offered to the public, which is a big deal, as it shows how well this course trains you in this field.

Cosmetology 1 students learning and working on dying and taking care of hair


HVAC technician is a course that teaches you about the wiring and how to fix things like air conditioning and refrigerators.

Junior, Dalton Melrose, is enrolled in this course and loves the idea of the amount of money he will be making because of the job. That’s what drove his attention to this course. He also likes what he is learning.

“Throughout this course, I have learned how to wire air conditioning and refrigerators, take them apart and putting them back together again,” Melrose explained.

HVAC students can actually go through a process of competing where they go head to head against other students to see how well they can fix an items they are given. Melrose continues to explains about the hands on experience that is offered and talks about scholarships that are offered through competing.

“Schools in Oklahoma offer scholarships for people in this course who compete for this course,” Melrose states.

Melrose goes on by saying that throughout this two year course, you also end up certified in this area and can go straight into the workforce. Melrose also told me that meeting people from all over the district who share the same career path as you is one of his favorite things about Tech.

Traci Nassar and Brad Manuel are superior guides in helping students at this school find out more about Tulsa Tech and what is offered.

“One of the biggest things about students in high school is receiving that hands on training that Tulsa Tech has to offer, training them for the hands on applicant of a job,” Manuel explains.

Nassar continues on with this by saying; “ These programs are also offered to students after high school as well at an affordable price”.

Nassar and Manuel went on talking about how this helps with students who really want to test out a workforce that they have had interest in. Throughout the time with them, Nassar and Manuel provided pamphlets and booklets for all the courses listed for high school students and adults as well. These helped breakdown what each course was about, which campus they were located at, how long each course was, and how much they cost, if they costed anything.

The Tulsa Tech application process is simple and easy. Tulsa Tech divides the application into 4 main parts for people to fill out. The total points add up to 100, the higher your score, the better. Each section is simple and straightforward. Remember that applications are due February 22, 2019.

These three courses were only a small portion of the classes you didn’t know were offered at Tulsa Tech. It is encouraged that you to read more into Tulsa Tech and classes offered to see if any of the career paths offered is something you want to take. For more information about Tulsa Tech, the courses offered, and the application process, feel free to visit the Tulsa Tech Website at https://tulsatech.edu/ or go to the College Office located in Building 6.

Photo from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:TTC_smlogo_web.jpg

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