“Math, not just for nerds.”

By Santiago Serrano

75 minutes,  25 questions, and a very hopeful teacher. Mr. Kern is the teacher in charge of conducting the AMC (american math competition) tests for Jenks, where on February 17 the  students who have signed up can participate in an advanced mathematics test which includes trig, algebra, and geometry, AMC itself explains that getting even a couple of questions correct is quite the accomplishment due to their extreme difficulty, in fact last year out of the 33,226 people who took the test across 1720 schools alony 23 kids managed to get a perfect score. So if you think your up to the challenge don’t hesitate to sign up and start preparing!

I sat down with Mr. Kern, who teaches linear equations, DFE/calc 3, and algebra 2, and who is currently in charge of organizing the AMC. When asked how a student could participate in the test I learned it’s as simple as going to your math teachers and expressing interest since teachers nominate students for the competition, and don’t worry it is free to participate. Wondering what kind of people would volunteer to solve math problems for 75 minutes OUTSIDE of school I just had to ask Kern who he expected to sign up.

Kern said, “People who like challenging themselves, solving problems, and playing puzzles and games would enjoy the test…. And that the test was not just for “nerds.”

If you are like me, with the time and effort being put in to study for these events you may be wondering what is the point of doing well on this competition, other then the prestige and feeling of accomplishment that comes from doing well- scoring high on this qualifies you for a series of tests that end with 6 students from around the nation who compete in the International Math Olympiad. In addition preparing on even participating in this test can help prepare you for the SAT/ACT as both tests include the same level of math included in the AMC test. If you are interested in the AMC test either visit Kern directly by going to room 218 on the second floor at the math and science center, or speak with your math teacher to learn more and to get nominated.

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