The Classes You Should Take

By Elise Siebert

Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year is right around the corner. Students get their enrollment cards and course planning guides during advisory this week. If you are looking for classes to take you out of the box or you just have a gap in your schedule, here are some exciting and interesting classes.

(Also, enrollment cards are due February 13— so you better join these classes before it’s too late!)

Broadcast Media-

Broadcast Media is a brand new class at Jenks. It is going to be a news anchor program for the high school. It is for all grades and if any students are interested in journalism or being on TV, this is a perfect class.

“It is also really good for public speaking skills and it is going to be a small, close-knit group. We have a lot of really awesome new technology, new cameras and editing equipment, stuff like that. It is really cool to learn how to do and you learn a lot of really fun skills. It is brand new so I want as many people to know about it as possible.” Katy Sanderlin, the new Broadcast Media teacher, said.


Newswriting is student-led journalism class that involves writing, photography and class bonding. Students are required to produce an article for the Jenks Trojan Torch website each month. Staff members work hard to keep up with social media and getting the current news up on time for the readers. There is a place for everyone on the staff.

“I like Newswriting because I like Mr. McCown and the atmosphere he creates for his students. I think it’s important that we learn how to communicate and be skeptical of everything we read and also have fun and eat a lot of cookies while doing it,” Editor-in-chief Charlotte Suttee said.

Power of Story-

This class is for all the readers and the writers out there.

“This class is all about the writing process, so it’s a good chance to find your voice and find your writing process. So we will look at writer’s craft: it’s an opportunity to choose what you want to write about through different mediums. Whether it would be presenting or a narrative or a short story or a poem. So it is all about looking at that craft and then developing your own process as a writer,” The Power of the Story advisory, Randy Williams, said.

Wardrobe Planning and Construction 1-

This course is a hands-on sewing course for beginners. Students will create many designs, including totes, bags, and PJ pants. They will study fabric and patterns and make heart projects to donate to the Saint Francis Children’s Hospital.  This class s available to grades 10-12.


If you don’t mind getting a little messy and want a nice break during the day, Ceramics is a fun class for students to get introduced to methods of building techniques. This class is an opportunity to be unique and work in the visual arts. You don’t even need to be a great artist, you just need a steady hand and some patience!

Leadership 1:

This class challenges students to go out of their comfort zone. This class involves physical activities to build character and a ropes course. Leadership will allow you to be in touch with yourself. You also will become close with your classmates and explore new friendships.

“I really enjoyed leadership because it was a really fun environment to be around. All the kids are super sweet and I gained more friends. I learned to focus on listening to others and being more positive like a leader should,” leadership student, Emily Polston said.

Intro to Business/Marketing – Fashion:

Intro to Fashion Marketing is a great way to get into marketing and even get involved in DECA. In the one-semester class, you learn all of the basics of the fashion industry, get to design some of your own clothing, and learn some of the trades of the marketing and business world. The DECA based class is a great introduction to the rest of the marketing class opportunities for students to take later on.

Check out the course planning guide or the posters around the school for more information on interesting classes.

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