Jobs The School Offers Students

By: Izzy Pankey

As students get older, making your own money and saving up is becoming more and more important. But, some students don’t want to leave the comfort of our own Jenks school district. Lucky for those students, Jenks Community Ed and the school offer many jobs where you don’t have to get too much out of your comfort zone. Here are some jobs offered for students that aren’t too far from home.

Running the Big Screen at Football Games

Ever wondered who the people are that keep the camera on all the players during the football game and make sure you can see their every move? Well, it’s actually a small group of students running a bunch of different cameras and some very high-tech equipment in a small room up above the home side bleachers. These film students take turns running the cameras and working the equipment, all while getting paid and practicing their film skills. Student Grace Mills (11) said she heard about the job in her film class when a fellow student told the class “If anyone’s interested in doing this, cause you have the experience with cameras and stuff, you might as well do it cause it’s not that hard.” Mills said that students with a steady hand and film experience would be great for this job.

Pay: $10/Hour


Requirements: Steady hand, film experience, preferably in Jenks Film class, and available mostly after school.

How to Apply: Email the athletic director about how to get working.


Are you a good swimmer? Are you attentive? Lifeguarding at the Jenks Aquatic Center may be just the job for you. While our swimmers are some of the best in the state, even they need a watchful eye on them in case an emergency happens. The lifeguards watch over swimmers practice, swim meets, and all the people who use the pool outside of those times. A current lifeguard for the aquatic center, Tanvi Kelkar (12), said students who do it should have good time management skills and need to know that it can be time consuming.

Pay: $10/Hour


Requirements: A good swimmer, watchful eye, and be available before or after school.

How to Apply: Go talk to the aquatic center manager or click here for the online application.

Jenks Gymnastics

Even if you can’t do a perfect cartwheel and your balance is a little off, teaching gymnastics may be the perfect job for you. Jenks Community Ed Gymnastics is looking for fun-loving, energetic, and happy people to help teach their classes. If you like kids, this may be a great way to hang out with little ones and earn some extra money. As long as you have some tumbling and gymnastics experience, they can teach you the rest you need to know and tell you what to do. Just be your happy and energetic self and this job could be yours!



Requirements: Some gymnastics or tumbling experience, able to drive, energetic and kid loving.

How to Apply: To apply, click here, and if you have any questions about positions available, call (918)299-4415, Ext. 5364.

None of these interest you? Click here to look at more jobs the school might have to offer.

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