Tulsa Juice Boys: Fitness Addicts

By Emily Polsten

Tulsa … Juice … Boys? Who are they? I asked myself this when they requested to follow me on Instagram. I learned one of my classmates was in this group. His name is Elliott Broach (12). I thought it was odd when he walked into my sixth hour class with a “waist belt.” When I found out he was in the “Tulsa Juice Boys” and “Vertical Powersports,” I was immediately interested.

I talked to Broach and he gave me some insight on what the two groups are and what they stand for. The Tulsa Juice Boys is a group of people that want to share their love of fitness with everyone.

“Tulsa Juice Boys is just a bunch of fitness addicts,” said Broach. “The TJB started from a large group of fitness addicts who just wanted to share their fitness addiction and spread it. The page is used for anyone and everyone who wants to show their own fitness addiction or love for fitness to other addicts.”

I asked about the other group that has caught my eye: Vertical Powersports. It’s actually an event team which I thought was pretty interesting.

“I host events, parties, and other things to raise money while also using it to build my business,” said Broach. “Vertical is a business and I share ownership of it with Alek Meaux and Jared Robles. Both of who share my dream to make Vertical not just a team but an actual business and gym.”

They have a draft for their t-shirt design: a picture of a large man deadlifting two worlds on each end of a bending bar with the Vertical Powersports motto: “It is in both worlds we are consumed by one or the other but true strength is carrying the weight of both. One is community, family, friends, and charity. The other is wealth, success, status, and responsibility.”

When you go to their instagram, “tulsajuiceboys”, most of all of their posts are over lifting and doing outrageous things, such as deadlifting 450 pounds for a solid 7 times. That’s insane to me! I feel as if you’d have to be very very strong to do that. I decided to ask Elliott about how much he’s lifted and how he got there.

“Unofficially, which means I didn’t do it at a meet, 405 pound squat, 235 bench press, and 415 deadlifting. Officially, 364 pounds squat which was the state record at 148 pounds for the teen weight class, 210 pounds for benching at the meet, and 403 for deadlifting.”

He explained to me that he only got at a 385 x2 pound squat because Coach Isham snuck two 10 pound weights on the bar when he wasn’t looking.

“Coach Isham had faith in me, I told him I wasn’t sure if I could do it and he pushed me even harder.”

Vertical Powersports is hosting a grill out on March 9th. Anyone can come. It’s 5$ to eat and 15$ to eat and lift.

When I first started to notice The Tulsa Juice Boys, they were a small group, but now they have definitely grown into something bigger– Vertical Powersports. There are new people almost every post and some I have recognized! Some members have previously graduated at Jenks, are at Jenks High School right now, or from what it looks like, simply some friends at the gym. If you would like to join Tulsa Juice Boys or Vertical Powersports, simply direct message them on Instagram.

Tulsa Juice Boys: tulsajuiceboys

Vertical Powersports: vertical.powersportss

Dining together

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