Los Mariachis Review

Food is the one thing that can really bring people together. However, it’s also something that people can get easily tired of. Living in Tulsa, there are the typical popular-but-repetitive food chains. How can we escape the Chili’s of the world? The Trojan Torch is going to help you get out of your comfort zone with a delicious Mexican restaurant called Los Mariachis.  

As we pulled up to the crowded restaurant, the parking lot was packed to the back. Families, couples, and parties all rushed in. We all waited anxiously to be seated, and as soon as the speaker came on, everyone looked up expectantly. Although it was packed from wall to wall, we luckily were able to snag a table. Typically, I would play it safe with a chicken quesadilla and call it good, but I decided to venture and try some new things. The sound of sizzling fajitas and scent of carefully made tamales filled the room, and made me all the more excited for the many options I could choose from.

We were immediately greeted by a young waitress. She, per usual, asked for our drink order and proceeded to explain if we had any questions at all, to just call her over. She was very diligent in making sure everything was to our satisfaction. Even though it was fairly busy, she made us feel like we were a priority.  

The menu itself caught me somewhat off guard. I wasn’t expecting to see some of these ingredients or foods in general. Pineapples seemed to be the most commonly used tropical fruit, in order to give that sweet tang. Although pineapples are not commonly used in authentic mexican dishes, that’s what makes this place so unique.   

The sizzle approached me and was placed before my eyes. This Meat Trio had my mouth watering. The Meat Trio consists of all the meat you need. Starting with tender beef and chicken breasts lathered in creamy queso. I could not get enough. These along with the kebab (which included grilled steak, shrimp, chicken, bacon, and a variety of vegetables) were quickly inhaled and enjoyed. Each bite had a burst of flavorful spice that was not too overpowering.

The atmosphere was very homey. Colorful patterns fill the walls, enough to catch the eye but simplistic. Huge clay face masks hung on the walls all around, enviously eyeing the food. Los Mariachis has been a booming restaurant business since 2013, gradually growing all over the states. There are over 84 Los Mariachis in The United States. The food itself was outstanding, but the welcoming people and friendly faces made me truly feel at home. For a sort of hole-in-the-wall kind of place, the sensational food and generous portions are reasonably priced.

-Cover photo provided by The Tulsa World

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