5 Reasons You Should Go Watch Soccer This Season

By: Carson Messick

We all know about America’s favorite past time, football. But is soccer coming for its title?

Soccer season is starting back up again, and the Jenks soccer teams are back and better than ever. With hours upon hours of practice, both boys and girls are ready to take on state, and they’re going to need a big crowd to cheer on all of their success throughout the season. So, you’re probably wondering, “why should I go to the soccer games?”

  1. The Boys’ Soccer Team is Ranked Eighth in the Nation

It’s true! With all the hard work put into their sport, the soccer teams have gotten themselves to the top. And one thing that all the players made sure to say was that they wouldn’t be where they are today without the help of their coaches.

“Coach Marshall has definitely pushed us to become a better team, even within the few years he has been coaching us,” said AJ Franklin (12), the goalie of the team. “He always is coming up with ways to make us better, and is always pushing us to overcome the obstacles we’ve hit.”

“Our coach has been an extreme help with making our team better,” said Megan Haines (12). “She has made us become a family and helps us work as a team instead of fending for ourselves.”

The teams are not going to stop until they’ve reached the very top of the spectrum. They’re already on their way there, as the girls have been undefeated this year and the boys have won every game and tied one. With this year’s amazing teams, they’re sure to get where they want to be.

2. The Excitement

This one is a no brainer. The excitement of any sport is definitely a reason to go to its games–but the excitement of soccer is a different type of excitement.

“The last few minutes of the game could be crazy. Both teams are tied and the goalies have been on fire the last several minutes of the game. When we have the ball and use our team skills to score the last goal with only seconds left, it one of the best feelings in the world,” says Franklin.

“The excitement in the game is insane, with both teams trying their absolute hardest to win. The game is full of suspense and frustration,” says Haines. “But when the final goal is scored and your team won, all of the work is worth it.”

Students who have attended soccer games could agree, many of them compare it to the excitement of football. The teams do amazingly with all their fans cheering them on. Hearing that support pushes them along.

3. The Dedication

While talking to all these soccer players, one thing that they that stood out was the amount of time they all dedicated to this sport. Every person interviewed said that they have been playing for over 10 years with about 15 hours a week practicing.

“I have been playing since I was five and have practiced about 20 hours a week for the last 12 years,” said Will Edwards (11). “ My parents have always loved how dedicated I am to this sport and making them proud makes me extremely happy. When I made varsity freshman year, the feeling was amazing. I am also going to Tulsa University on a soccer scholarship”

“I’ve basically been playing since I could walk,” said Hayley Garcia (11). “I also play club soccer outside of school. It is sometimes difficult to balance school work and soccer, but I’m willing to do what it takes because of how much I love soccer.”

All of these soccer players pour their heart out every time they step onto the field, no matter the weather.

4. The Atmosphere

The stands of a soccer game are full of energy and excitement. A mixture of the angry yelling from the parents and the supportive yells from the friends gives a huge rush of excitement that can’t be matched by any other sport.

“Watching the stands go crazy after scoring a goal is the best feeling in the world,” says Garcia. “It makes us want to play harder, to make them even more proud of us.”

“The atmosphere is incredible at games,” said Reese Whitaker (10). “ Watching my friends and family go crazy after a good play or a goal scored gives off the best vibes.”

Watching them score a goal, save a goal, or defend well against someone gives you and the family down on the field a feeling like no other.

5. The Chance to Hang with People

Now that the football season is over, how are all of your friends going to get together in one place? How are you all going to get decked out in Jenks wear and take cute photos to put on instagram with cheesy captions that took you two hours to think of? The soccer teams would love to help you out.

The games are usually Tuesdays and Fridays, the perfect days to get the boys together or have a girls night out. The games are much like football games: activity passes get you in for free, and the cost of the tickets are the same. The concession stands are open so you and your friends can eat food, gossip, and support the amazing players out on the field.  Not only that, but the rules of the game are easy to get the hang of, so in no time you’ll know when to cheer, boo, and be worried.

So if you haven’t caught on yet, you definitely should go watch and support the soccer teams this season. Not only have they worked extremely hard to get where they are, but they truly deserve more attention. The soccer schedule and locations can be found here. They can’t wait to see your face added to the stands!

Images taken by Mary Liebert

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