Too Cool For School? Principles and Slang Words

The “End of the Year Gauntlet” of State Testing, EOI’s, AP Tests, and semester finals is finally here. Students are tested on the material they have learned throughout the year, so I thought it was only fair that our principles be tested on what they have learned about US through the year.  

The test Luke Gray, Eric Fox, and Ellen Vannoy will receive will be focused on popular slang, commonly used by students. Each principle will be given the same 15 slang words and prompted to define them. For each correct definition they give they will be awarded 1 point. At the end of the test I will ask them to use as many of the 15 words they can in a sentence, and for each word correctly used they will receive an additional point. The principle with the most points at the end of the test will win the title “Most Cool and Hip Principle”.

  1. Yeet

1–Fox: “It’s like, ‘giddy up, let’s go’ It’s some sign of excitement or enthusiasm I’d say.

1–Gray: “So yeet is like an exclamation, it’s almost like ‘yeehaw’. It’s just something you’re excited about and you’ll say… you know… yeet.”

1–Vannoy: “Okay so at Edmond North the kids would yell, ‘Ahhhhh YEET’, at football games. I would say, it cool, its fresh its…’haha’. They used it like punctuation at the end of the play.”

2. Drip

0–Fox: “I’ve seen this one on social media just with like the little emoji, you know like the faucet and then the drip. I’m going to say like ‘slow going’, you know it’s just like dripping out, its happening slowly.”

.5 –Gray: “That’s like um, if somethings on the drip it’s cool. Also I’ve heard drip as like a slang for vaping, is that right? Am I off on that one?”

1–Vannoy: “Stylish. I know like if you have a little emoji… like you’re flossin’, you’re frontin’.

3. Tea

1–Fox: “Oh well it depends are you like sipping tea or pouring the tea? If im sipping tea im just keeping it to myself, but if im like dishing the tea, then I’m like putting people’s business out there on the street.”

1–Gray: “Isn’t that like gossip? News? Info? Like ‘What’s the tea?’”

2(Extra point for “Receipts”)–Vannoy: “Oh to spill the tea! I have students who come in and they have to tell me all the drama, so they’re spilling the tea. Sometimes they bring ‘receipts’, like they show me on their phone, and I’m like, ‘This little girl brought RECEIPTS’.”

4. Shook

0–Fox: “It’s like, if you shook somebody, you put them on swerve, you dazzled them, you outmaneuvered them. I’m kind of thinking like an athletic move like you shook somebody.”

0–Gray: “I think of it like whenever I was playing ball, and if you shook somebody you kind of like… juke them out I guess?”

1–Vannoy: Oh, right, um. I would say Drake (Vannoy’s son) would use that term and be like, ‘Mom had me shook.’ Kind of like aghast.”

5. (Wig) Snatched

1–Fox: “Expose them. Isn’t it? Like you show them for what they are.”

0–Gray: “Is it like, to beat somebody up? Like you snatch somebody?”

.5–Vannoy: “I will say this, I’m going to use the feminine version of that. Personally in looking for a dress, like if I was going to be in the Pom Fashion Show again, I would want one that made my waist look snatched.” (Half points given because of correct usage in the wrong context.)

6. Extra

1–Fox: “You’re being extra, you’re going to the extreme. If somebody is extra, they’re like kissing up to the teacher too much or something like that. They’re almost to like the nerdy extreme of something they’re doing it too much.

1–Gray: “What I understand is like, it’s like going to an extreme but not always in a good way. It’s like, ‘Mr Gray had to go extra, whenever he dealt with me about my tardies.’”

1–Vannoy: “I think that ‘Extra’ and ‘Basic’ are kind of negative connotations, and I personally don’t like them. My daughter is 11 going on 17, so I would use that with her, ‘Kennedy, you’re being very extra… you’re being a little dramatic.’”

7. Mood

0–Fox: “I don’t know that one.”

1–Gray: “You always see posts where people say ‘current mood’ to kind of show how they’re feeling. It’s just kind of how to express how they’re feeling.”

0–Vannoy: “I almost feel like its a check, like a check on someone. Instead of saying ‘’Tude’ you’d say ‘Mood’”

8. Sus

1–Fox: “Isn’t this kind of like its suspect? Like it’s kind of sketchy?”

1–Gray: “Like suspect? Something suspicious?”

1–Vannoy: “Suspect? ‘She pulled in to What-a-Burger right after me, totally sus.’ Meaning she was creeping on him.”

9. Woke

1–Fox: “Oh that means you realize what’s going on, I’m woke, I’m alive but I realize what’s going on, I see the big picture.”

1–Gray: “Gotta stay woke!”

1–Vannoy: “Woke is like an epiphany. ‘Mrs. Norvell is very oldschool and by the book, but then I be totally woke, when I realized how much she knows about the etymology of teen words.’

10. Humble Brag

1–Fox: “To me it would be like you’re bragging about yourself, but youre doing it in a backhanded way, so it’s like throwing shade at yourself,”

1–Gray: “Humble brag? It’s kind of like low-key giving yourself props, or if someone else is doing it then you say, ‘Oh yeah that’s a humble brag.’”

1–Vannoy: “Oh isn’t like almost like… almost like a passive aggressive boast, it’s like a boast on yourself. If I said, ‘Oh it’s Friday, and I’m going to an event with my doctor friends, you know he’s a surgeon.’ Thats a humble brag.”

11. Bougie

1–Fox: “That ride is bougie.” “It wouldn’t be lit, like a party would be lit, but people at the party could be bougie right?”

1–Gray: “Bougie is like high class. It’s like to describe higher society. ‘I thought about getting these new shoes, but they were too bougie for me, so I didn’t get them.’”

1–Vannoy: “Oh bougie! Let me say this, bougie has been around for a while. It stems from a bourgeois society. I think that teenagers, when they call someone bougie, they’re calling them preppy, but bougie is…being extra, having Starbucks everyday, ‘She’s a bougie basic girl.’”

12. Gucci

1–Fox: “Oh Gucci Mane, it’s all good, it’s all Gucci Mane, but it doesn’t have to be high price it’s just good, its gucci.

1–Gray: “It’s all gucci! It’s all good, it’s all gravy!”

.5 –Vannoy: “ I think, gucci is an adverb, it’s a state of being, [it’s like] ‘flossin’’.

13. Clutch

1–Fox: “Somebody is clutch, they come through when you need it. So your car breaks down, you’re gonna call your boy because he’s clutch and he’s going to come pick you up.”

1–Gray: “I’ve heard it two ways. So clutch, like hitting a clutch shot, you know like 3-pointer at the buzzer to win. Two- If you’re clutching you’re reaching for a firearm, you’re reaching for a gun.”

1–Vannoy: “Oh to come in clutch, for example, ‘Drake is on a diet for wrestling, and then he’s on a different diet for football, and I was out of town, but that’s okay because Kim Graham came in clutch with his lunch.’”

14. Swol

1–Fox: “It’s supposed to be like ‘Your muscles are swol’, but I think it can also be throwing shade at somebody like ‘He’s swol so he thinks he’s all that.’”

1–Gray: “Oh yeah, ‘Swol Patrol’, if you’re fit, you’re strong, you’ve got the muscles.”

1–Vannoy: “Oh, Drake thinks he’s swol! A kid who works out.”

15. Sis

0–Fox: “Sis….Yeah I don’t know that one.”

1–Gray: “I don’t know, is it someone you would refer to that is like a sister? Like my Sis Mrs. Smart out there!”

0–Vannoy: “…I don’t know…”

Extra Credit

10–Fox: “My boy thought he was swol, but he’s really being extra. So we rolled to the party that was lit (extra points for the usage of lit). When we got there, a girl snatched on him, ‘cause she had the tea, and he was shook. But it’s all gucci, because our other boy came in clutch, and got us feeling some kind of mood…. YEET!”

6–Gray: “I was trying to get the tea on some sus person that snatched on my friend. You know I don’t want to humble brag but I have to stay woke, and whenever I find that person, he’s going to see how swol I am.”

10–Vannoy: “Often times, students do not realize how extra they are. They come into our office’s spilling the tea, like we don’t know already, HUMBLE BRAG! Their perception is that we are 6 bougie middle aged nerds, but more often than not, we come in clutch. Mr. Fox is swol, he works out. Sometimes we enter classrooms and I know everyone is thinking, ‘sus’, but then when they talk to us one on one, usually then they’re woke, on how cool we actually are. Superfans know this already because of the games we supervise, YEET, and on Fridays, we look gucci, because we don’t have to wear suits or highheels.”

–Final Scores–

Gray: 18.5 points

Fox: 21 points

Vannoy: 24 points

Our winner of “Most Cool and Hip Principle”, Mrs. Vannoy.

Contrary to what we have may have all guessed, our principles scored fairly well on this test. When you see our principles in the hallway, feel free to expand their knowledge on student slang. Also congratulate Mrs. Vannoy on her new title of “Most Cool and Hip Principle”.

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