Don’t Let the Skirts Fool You

Lady Trojans Lacrosse

By Victoria Gaikwad

Concussions and bruises are nothing when it comes to ladies’ lacrosse. These girls are out on the field practicing in the heat or rain striving to get better. Lacrosse is a huge team sport; it typically consists of 8-12 girls on each team on the field with the objective to get the ball into the goal. The player use long sticks with nets on the ends of them, where the ball is cradled until passed or shot into the goal.

“I’ve done pom, trojanaires, and now lacrosse,” said Ava Acebo (12), “but I can honestly say lacrosse is the most chill sport, and they are very accommodating to everyone’s schedule.”

This sport consists of lots of speed and endurance.

Ashley Woods 12

“I tried to play middy,” said Acebo. “It’s just not for me. Some girls play middy (which is the position where they are constantly running up and down the field) the entire game. It’s crazy how they do it.”

“Something I had never heard of that we do is called braveheart. It is when there is a tie and we go into overtime. Each team chooses their best player, then they draw and try and score on the other team.”

The game itself lasts about 60 minutes, with teams consisting of 12 players each. Unlike men’s lacrosse, they play on a non-contact basis.

Lacrosse has been popular and widespread for quite a while. According to Synapse Sports, an online website to inform people about the game of lacrosse, which was in fact invented by the Native Americans. Although they played much more violently to settle disputes between tribes. It dates back to the 15th century, and quickly spread to other cultures. The first recorded game of women’s Lacrosse, named because of the sticks resemblance to a Bishop’s crosier (a hooked staff), was played in Scotland at St. Leonards in the spring of 1890. In one of her diary entries, Miss Lumsden, the headmistress of the school who first introduced lacrosse said, “It is a wonderful game, beautiful and graceful. I was so charmed with it that I introduced it to St. Leonards.”

Even though lacrosse may not have much of a spotlight, the tough ladies of lacrosse make sure people have a reason to watch. The intensity and aggressiveness makes it all the more fun.

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