10 Things To Do Before You Graduate- #7 will surprise you!

By Emily Polsten

Seniors, it’s almost that time… If you’re like me, you’re ready to get out and start your adult life already.

These are just 10 simple reminders of things to do before you graduate Jenks High School.

  1. Return stuff! We all know you have those library books collecting dust on your shelf, textbooks under your bed, and those TI-84 calculators in the bottom of your backpack. Pay for those Jenks t-shirts that you ordered at the beginning of the year while you’re at it! Return and pay for these things before you try to pick up your diploma, otherwise you can’t!
  2. Go to another sporting event besides football! Do you know we have a baseball team? Go to the boys/girls soccer game, or a tennis tournament or simply a baseball game to cheer on your fellow seniors.
  3. Make amends. Honey, apologize to that girl you have beef with because of that one irrelevant boy freshman year. Life is way too short to be mad and hold grudges over little things that happened a few years ago. Let go and love life.
  4. Be in the school’s newspaper! If you have something interesting or fun to tell us, direct message us on Instagram @JenksTrojanTorch.
  5. Go to gradfest! They’re going to have food, prizes, music and tons of games! Also attractions including a casino, laser tag, and even a spa. You’ll be missing out on tons of fun if you don’t come! Not to mention the next day of school is excused! Students should arrive in between 11-11:30pm to check in and will not be able to leave until 5am.
  6. Buy something from the library cafe and eat a school lunch. The library cafe has SO much to offer and it’s all so good. From coffee to hot chocolate and now smoothies. Buy six and get one free with your punch card! It’s still not too late. Go eat a school lunch and tell the lunch ladies how much you appreciate them! They cook food for us everyday and do it with a smile. Not to mention those quirky cow jokes on the milk cartons are definitely a plus.
  7. Make a freshman friend!! Remember those seniors that made an impact on you freshman year? Do the same! Make a freshman friend and give them tips on how to make it through the next 3 years they will have left at Jenks. It might impact them quite a bit. You’re legacy will never be forgotten.
  8. Tell a friend how much they mean to you. Most of the friends you have now, you probably won’t see again. Yes, you might be going to the same college but people grow and drift apart .. nothing wrong with that but tell someone now what they mean to you and how they’ve helped you throughout your journey at Jenks High School. I’m sure that would touch them tremendously.
  9. Say bye to all your favorite teachers. Give them a handwritten note, get them a card, or something special for them to hold onto and put on their desk. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it very much.
  10. Get your life together. You’ve got a month and a half left seniors! Make it the best and most fun!

Seniors, this is your last chance to be just a regular teenager. It probably hasn’t kicked in now, but when you’re walking across that stage it sure will.

Don’t forget to tell your family and friends to join you while you walk across the stage on May 20th at 7pm. The ceremony will be held at the Mabee Center in Tulsa.

Good luck to all my fellow Jenks Seniors. Remember to do all these things before the last day of school, May 24!

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