by Kinslie Washington

Imagine waking up everyday and going to someplace simple, like the Gathering Place, and people know who you are–even calling you out by your stage name. Imagine getting on your phone and seeing people jamming out to your song at parties or in their car. That happens to a student here at Jenks High School. His name is Raymond Brass (12).

Growing up in Jenks there are at least 800 people in your graduating class (probably more than that) but you don’t know who everyone is. Not only does Brass have many friends at school, but he also has fans, and some people–like myself–double as both. I talked with one of his friends to see what he thinks about him.

“When I think of raymond I think fast,” says Geo Blackshaw (12). By fast he means he’s the fastest guy on the track team.

Raymond usually goes by his rapper name, so if you ask someone who he is they might not know until you say Nitro. His most famous song Aquafina has over 22 thousand plays on Soundcloud, but he has 4 songs all together. Rapping is something Raymond is good at. However, it’s only something he does on the side because he doesn’t want to be someone only focused on his music when it might not take him that far.

But there’s so much more that goes with Raymond being a good rapper. He’s also a track star and has gone to state 3 times. He won last year in both hurdle events.

“The hurdles are my favorite, because it’s what I have trained for and have always just been really good at,” says Brass.

But that isn’t the only event he does. He also runs the 200 and 400 sprint. He wants to continue with track in college, and hopefully go to the Junior Olympics. He’s had offers to go already, but in the summer, which is when he’s the busiest. But what a lot of people don’t know is he is so involved in his church and volunteers and helps out as much as he can.

“I love being around people that dont know me for my music or how fast I am,” says Brass. He is the closest you could get to someone that’s doing a lot and is lowkey famous.

If you have never heard any of his songs, check out his Soundcloud.  

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