Art for Actin’

By: Grace Abraham

Having a big Performing Arts Center is great. You walk in and see the huge space, with rows of chairs, the bright red curtain with the spotlight shining right in the middle of it, and you can smell the crisp auditorium air that emits the excitement of whatever show is going to be happening. However, as you walk out of the PAC, you’ll find that the lobby doesn’t reflect the artistic gifts that you witnessed happen on the inside. Instead, you’re greeted with huge neutral, beige, brick walls that are plain and empty. But Jenks art club is looking to change that by painting a mural.

This all started in the spring when Denise Williams, director of the PAC, showed her son the building. He walked out and passionately stated that the walls were utterly hideous.

Since then, Williams decided that the plain walls would greet people no longer.

Students sketching down the first art form that pops into their mind.

“When you walk out of the PAC, you should see something that reflects the creativity of our students,” Williams says. 

That is why Williams teamed up with the art club sponsor, Paula Desrocher. Together they hope to get the wall closest to the entrance/exit covered in painted panels that would come together to make one big mural. 

“The PAC is a place that everyone goes at least once, for back to school assemblies and all that. So it should be a place where it represents us as, you know, Jenks,” Senior Hannah Zeller, President of the Art Club, says excitedly.

Although everyone is thrilled for this process to take place, it will take time. There is no set date on when this will end, but they’re all hoping to get the panels painted, done, and hanging in the spring semester for everyone to see. 

“Anybody can join,” Desrochers says. “We understand that there’s a lot of students that are artists that just can’t be in an art class.”

So if you are interested in joining in or looking for more information, contact Mrs. Desrochers at or visit her classroom in Building 5 room number 5098.

This is the wall that they are going to hang the panels on to make one big mural.

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