October ‘Horror’scopes

October is bound to be a month filled with trial and error, as Mercury is entering Retrograde on Halloween. With a full moon in Aries combined with a new moon in Scorpio, October will have some very shallow lows, accompanied with some extremely high highs. Keep reading to see what this spooky season has in store for you. 

Aries: Relationships in all aspects of your life will be subject to change this month. The full moon aligns in your sign on October 13th, which could lead to intense emotional conflict and questioning. 

Taurus: October is going to be a month of change for you. You’ve been feeling inferior in past weeks, and now is a time to reclaim your identity as equal to your colleagues. 

Gemini: October sparks a new romantic relationship. Your true desires in work, family, friends, and romance will become apparent in the month ahead. Be cautious, and don’t sacrifice what you want in order to please others.

Cancer: Family and home life will be an area of issue this month, but don’t fear: October marks a new phase in your life in regards to your sense of wellbeing and security. Be open to change, and good things will come.

Leo: Creativity will be rushing to you this month. But with this creativity will come some difficult decisions to make. Make sure to stay true to yourself when making these critical decisions.

Virgo: You will have luck in regards to finances this month, Virgo. Though you’ve been feeling helpless recently, October is a month  to break free of those negative feelings and end this period of struggle. 

Libra: Happy Birthday to all of the October Libras! This month is your time to shine, and be effortlessly you. Make sure to not burn yourself out while celebrating this recent peak in your life! There will be some relationship struggles this month – make sure to make your intentions with others as clear as possible. 

Scorpio: October will be a month dedicated to soul searching for you. A period in your life is coming to an end, thus a new phase is being born. You’re becoming self aware, which is leading to some heavy self-criticism. Reflection is great, but remember to do so kindly.

Sagittarius: October marks a new start in social aspects of your life. The beginnings of some new friendships are starting to bloom, but make sure to be wary of who you put your trust in. You’ve had some drastic growth this year, and should use this to your advantage in the preceding weeks. 

Capricorn: Exciting opportunities are coming your way this month as you begin a new professional cycle. Make sure you take the time to remember your goals and desires before accepting any offers or promotions.

Aquarius: October is bringing you to a series of several important decisions that will affect you in the following months. These decisions will have many options, making you feel powerful. You’re beginning a new cycle in your professional life after the new moon in Scorpio on October 27th.

Pisces: October is going to ask you to surrender your control over some of your commitments in regards to intimacy and finance. Don’t let your long term goals be thwarted by your short term desires.

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