A Season in Review

By Izzy Pankey

The nailbiter of a game against Union, the thrill of winning our Homecoming game against Yukon, the blood, sweat, and tears put into every single game played under the Friday night lights: every game in the 2019 Jenks Football Season had its own story. As the season comes to an end, we look through the pictures that tell the stories of the games played this season. 

Guard performer, Ashlyn Bryant, 11, looks out into the crowd as she performs the band show for the final time at the Jenks vs Westmoore game.
Varsity cheerleader, Tabitha Mickle, 11, cheers on the Trojans as they take a win against Westmoore.
With hopeful eyes, Malachi Penland, 11, looks out onto the field as his teammates work hard against BA.
Cyeli Nobles, 12, does her job as a trainer, working hard to help players and get them back on the field.
Former head coach, Allan Trimble is recognized on the field with his wife at the Trojan Preview.
Player, Atreyu Bargas, 11, makes his way through his teammates to the fence to take a break after a long Trojan Preview.
The crowded student section cheers on their favorite players at the Trojan Preview.
At the last regular season game, the student section gets crazy with dancing and even some crowd surfing.
Students hold up sign and cheer on the Trojans at the Jenks vs BA game.
Superfan presiddent, Caylor Hessen, 12, yells into the mic as he riles up the student section to cheer on their Trojan players at the Jenks vs BA game.
Olivia Warner, 11, smiles and gets ready to run onto the field with the team.
As with tradition, students fill the stadium with baby powder while chanting, “I believe that we will win!” at the very start of the game.
As the student section chants and cheers, Jack Harding, 12, and Will Edwards, 12, stand front row with wide smiles as the Trojans show their skills at the Trojan Preview.
With quick and precise moves, a player avoids a tackle and makes his way quickly to the endzone.
Readiness and Trojan pride fill the teams bodies as they race onto the field and prepare for victory.
With the speed of a cheetah and passion filling their bodies, the Trojans score their first touchdown of the night against Bixby.
Learning from the ones they look up to most, JTA football players sit on the edge of the fence, happily talking to one of the team members.
Ojan the Trojan, or maybe you know him as Greyson Hedrick, 11, lifts his sword as he prepares to run the field after a Trojan touchdown.
Hadley Streich, 11, happily cheers on her Trojans at the Jenks vs Bixby game.
Shiny with sweat from a long and tedious game, Grant Lohr, 11, makes his way off the field at the Jenks vs BA game.
As the Trojans work as hard as they can while facing Edmond Santa Fe, Kobey Rogers, 12, watches from the sideline as he takes a break from the game.
Caylor Hessen, 12, yells towards the field as the Trojans push ahead in a edge-of-your-seat game against Westmoore.
Jayden Patrick, 11, takes a deep breath and looks over to his coaches before getting back into the game against Union.
Will Cox raises the football to the sky in celebration as he scores the first touchdown of the night against Mustang.
Star player and senior, Bo Estes, jumps into the air celebrating after scoring the Trojans sixth touchdown of the night against the Mustang Broncos.

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