Boba Fett Who?: A Spoiler Free Mandalorian Review

By Hayden Alexander

With the hype for The Mandalorian being built up to new levels of insanity, many wondered if it would live up to it or fall short like previous works. Well, Star Wars fans the force is with you  because the Mandalorian lives up to the hype in every possible way.

The first episode perfectly sets up the tone for the rest of the show. Five years after the events of  Return of the Jedi a loner wonders the galaxy operating under his own authority. He is not afraid to do what needs to be done in order to further his purpose, yet there honor built into that armor. 

Something this show does extremely well is the stunning visual effects. Every single frame screams detail and you can see the amount of work put into making it a true part of the Star Wars universe. A lot of TV shows often bring to the table lackluster effects that are can hardly compare to feature films. This is due to a lack of time and money that can be put into a show compared to a movie. It really can take away from what you’re watching when it doesn’t look real. Thanks to Disney pouring out all its resources and the care put into the Mandalorian every little bit of it looks real. It’s almost kind of surreal to see a tv show that is live-action look this good.

I will admit the fact that this story stands on its own from the main Skywalker storyline feels a bit odd at first. However, the  unique perspective deepens the Star Wars universe. The fact that it can stand alone means it doesn’t face the problems SOLO faced with people comparing it to the rest of the saga and characters already known. 

In Star Wars music is key and Ludwig Goransson the Mandalorian composer does not disappoint. The subtle sound of the solo bass recorder follows the Mandalorian creating that Western loner vibe he has about him. Then the triumphant score that builds several times during moments of triumph is breathtaking and has a little hint of the Disney hero vibe.

The characters are well thought out and executed. Each new character serves a clear purpose instead of just being there for the sake of epic costume design(which is through the roof). The show is able to evenly intertwine the seriousness with that classic humorous/witty attitude that every Star Wars character possesses. AKA it has some well deserved funny moments that don’t seem forced. Ha! Get it? Forced? 

One of the best character moments comes at the end of the episode when the Mandalorian is faced with a morally wrong task. He chooses to not only do what is honorable but what is right showing us a glimpse of the good man inside.

The show has no shortage of references to all of the other Star Wars works. These details are not huge plot altering devices like Han Solo’s dice or the Jedi text. They are just simple things that if you watch Star Wars for any amount of time you will be rewarded. From the appearance of Blurrgs(clone wars) or the interiors that make you feel like your walking into Jabba’s palace, there is no shortage of things to find.

The concept of seeing a broken down empire is also very interesting. They have been diminished to scrambling around like the rebels once had to do trying in vain to rebuild. I think that finally giving us some insight into the time between the Return of the Jedi and Force Awakens is invaluable after spending so much time in the stretch between order 66 and the Battle of Yavin. 

The Mandalorian hit the ground running enthralling us in the world of Star Wars. With seven more episodes lined up let’s see if the Mandalorian can continue living up to the hype. If you haven’t seen it yet drop what you are doing it is worth every minute. As a certain someone said, “I have spoken”. 

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