El Rancho Grande Review

By: Lilly Heritage

Living in the South Tulsa/Jenks area, there are quite a few Mexican food staples right down the street. However, there’s a restaurant near and dear to my heart that’s a little further down the road. El Rancho Grande, the big ranch. As the name implies, the menu is quite large. Now, sometimes a large menu is a bad thing as they can’t possibly make 63 dishes good consistently. This is not the case for the big ranch. To be completely transparent, I have not tried everything on the menu, but my dad has eaten there for the past 50 years, and he actually lived in Mexico for a time. 

Upon walking in, your eyes are assaulted with waves of red, blue, and yellow. The scent of cheese and various smoked meats fills your airways. The interior is adobe styled with various colored spackle on the walls. Almost immediately after sitting down, you are greeted with chips and salsa. Out of all of the Mexican food places I’ve eaten, El Rancho Grande’s salsa is the spiciest. Personally, I’ve gotten tired of the standard mild salsa that most places serve, so that extra little kick in their salsa sets this restaurant apart for me already. 

The menu ranges from chicken tenders (for the pickiest of eaters) to the Chile Colorado, an authentic dish made up of pork, jalapenos, onion, garlic, tomatoes, and other spices. Personally, I enjoy combination #4, the vera cruz. This dish is relatively simple, but still authentic and filling. Comprised of two cheese and onion enchiladas topped with chile con carne served with rice and beans, it only runs you $10. 

That brings me to prices. El Rancho Grande is very reasonably priced. The most expensive thing on the menu is grilled salmon, and it only runs you $16. While it’s not Taco Bell in terms of prices, the amount of food you get for what you pay (and quality of said food) is very fair in my opinion. 

El Rancho is located on 11th street between Peoria and Lewis, on the north side of the street. You can’t miss the neon blinking sign with the huge arrow beckoning you to come eat.

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