Dad Chats, Episode 4: Matt Kimberling

By Jordan McCown

Dr. Kimberling is a pediatric cardiologist, which means he knows hearts. Sure enough, his insights on life, love and friendship touched my heart, and I can’t wait for it to touch yours!

Dad Chats talks about using the Rolling Stones to harass your  kids with our Dad Song of the Day  (0:50). We follow this up with advice for students who want to go into the medical field (4:40), “how to be friends with your kids” (8:30), “what is my parent thinking when they discipline me?” (11:00), “how to blackmail Mr. Fox” (15:00) and “how not to get pregnant” (16:30).

In the second half of our show, we get into our weekly segments with Ask a Dad, where we answer student-submitted questions rapid-fire (24:55), including something that Matt has never told his kids before (28:25); Dad Recommendations, where we recommend Dad Things to Do with your kids (31:10); and Dad Gifts, where we recommend gifts to buy a dad (father’s day is right around the corner!) (32:45).

If you have any questions for Ask a Dad, or would like your own dad to be a guest on the show, please email us at

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