Bayou Boyz BBQ: A Taste of Home

By: Jett Millican

The next installation of a seemingly endless stream of barbecue joints on the corner of main street Jenks is taking a stab into new barbecue territory for this region.

Bayou Boyz claims to have southern style barbecue. Being from the great state of Alabama, and knowing the taste of true southern barbecue, I had to see if Bayou Boyz would be a taste of home. 

Walking in to Bayou Boyz was much like stepping into my childhood. Barnwood, metal sheeting, and rusted memorabilia covered the walls. It could have been the sweet sounds of Creedence Clearwater Revival or some other southern band filling my heart, maybe I was actually transported closer to the Equator, maybe I simply got out of the wind but when stepped in the door, the temperature rose.

The chalkboard menu above the front counter listed a plethora of barbecued meats and cajun cuisine. I decided on an order of ribs, as well as a half pound of pulled pork. My rib meal came with a choice of two sides, I chose french fries and mac-and-cheese, and each meal comes with a piece of cornbread.

My mountain of food arrived and I began to dissect my portions.

The ribs were glazed in a caramelized sweet barbecue sauce, however this thankfully did not take away from their hickory flavor. The ribs lacked in tenderness, but were nonetheless, homey and satisfying. 

It was at this point one of the co-owners of the establishment, began talking to my friend and I. I told him my concerns about the tenderness of the rib and he kindly replied that they intended to get better, while learning the ins and outs of quality control of the restaurant. This was anything and everything I wished to hear. 

After this conversation, I was gifted a cajun sausage and boudin by the owner. These two sausages were really what I came for. The spiciness of the cajun sausage was what my heart had been yearning for after the sweet barbecue of the ribs and the pulled pork. The boudin, which is a cajun concoction of sausage filled with rice was a diamond in the rough. 

I was then informed that Bayou Boyz has promotions such as “Fat Tuesdays” where cajun delicacies such as the boudin and cajun sausage, as well as fried alligator are on the menu. On friday nights you can get full fried catfish filets. 

My friend and I stayed and talked with the owner for what must have been an hour about barbecue, cars, and anything and everything.

As I write this, I realize that the taste of home wasn’t a taste at all, it’s the people you meet, the things you see, and the conversations you have that make a restaurant taste like home. Bayou Boyz is a place for me. I plan on going back to try out “Fat Tuesdays” and I recommend you do as well. Check out Bayou Boyz at Bayou Boyz BBQ on Facebook to see the latest on our friends from the south. 

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