The Backward Few: Moving Forward

By: Mikyla Khan

Lights flash, bodies crush together to form one crowd, giant speakers fill the room with hard rock and heavy metal. A deep breath in and they begin their set. 

“It’s either a feeling of ‘I’m going to throw up’ or “this is the greatest moment of my life,” normally it’s a little bit of both. That’s what we live for.”

The Backward Few is comprised of juniors Evan Bilbrey (lead vocal/guitar,) Bly Wilson (drums,) and senior Riley Jackson (bass) from Bixby, who joined the band this past October. 

The band formed in eighth grade but did not officially become The Backward Few until Bilbrey and Wilson’s freshman year. The two played instruments at the time and took a chance by turning a “why not” into something bigger. Around March 2018 The Backward Few began to perform shows. When considering the future, the band plans to continue playing professionally. 

“Hopefully,” says Wilson. Bilbrey agrees “That’s the goal.”

Most musicians are connected to their music on an emotional level, and The Backward Few are no exception. 

“We evolved not only as human beings, but           
our sound and what we prefer as musicians       
is evolving and maturing with us” says lead       
vocalist and guitarist Evan Bilbrey.

“It’s a creative outlet for any frustration in life. Music has been the thing that gets both of us through a lot” says Wilson.

“I believe music is really therapeutic. Growing up, trying to make our way through high school, this is our way to feel free and not be confined to anything” Bilbrey added. “With punk and rock, it is something so different and out of people’s ordinary perspective of what they think they like. They start thinking about the meaning of the music.”

When it comes to writing their music, Bilbrey says “we were able to put our minds together and start writing [original music] pretty early on.”

They pull inspiration from their emotions, experiences, and occasionally fictional stories created by the band. Their latest single “Benadryl” was the next step into The Backward Few’s future.

“We realized that our taste in music has matured and we wanted to do something bigger and more professional,” says drummer Bly Wilson.

Wilson says, “We both agreed that we wanted to mature from our first EP that we made in 8th/9th grade. We realized that our taste in music has matured and we wanted to do something bigger and more professional.”

”We evolved not only as human beings, but our sound and what we prefer as musicians is evolving and maturing with us.” Bilbrey added.

Like any successful band, The Backward Few has had their share of challenges, but they stay dedicated and tenacious. For example, they have to pay to perform at venues such as The Vanguard.

“A lot of the things we pay for make us want to push ourselves more, it’s something we make ourselves. We don’t normally get paid for shows,” says Bilbrey, “ we don’t really mind it. Just being able to play and have friends come out to watch us makes it worthwhile.”

Jackson’s debut performance at a free concert October 18th (Photo Credits: @thebackwardfew, @alecwbeeson)

Support and follow The Backward Few on social media to get the latest on concerts and more @thebackwardfew on Instagram and The Backward Few on Spotify and Apple Music.

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