Class Ideas for the 2020-2021 School Year

By: Natalie Eaton

Enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year is just around the corner. Very soon, students will be receiving enrollment cards and course books in their advisory classes. If you are having trouble finding a class or anything fun to do in the jam-packed coursebook, never fear! The Trojan Torch has picked out a few interesting and proactive classes you can keep in mind. 

(All enrollment cards are due and need to be returned to your advisory class on February 12th)

Stage Makeup and Costuming- 

This course is a great way to be involved with Theatre, but behind the scenes. Students get to work on plays and theatre productions at Jenks as a crew. Many opportunities such as field trips, after school workshops, and more will be available to give any student a look into the world of makeup.

“You learn all sorts of techniques in this class from stage makeup, beauty makeup, to horror makeup and makeup for television. It’s a stress-free creative outlet. We also learn about costumes and learn how to design them,” Stage and Makeup advisor, Anita Hardy, tells the torch. 

Adventuring/Outdoor Education-

If you want to be active, engaged, and always outside, outdoor adventures is a possible contender for your enrollment card. In this class, you will learn skills that will benefit you in all outdoor activities that you can think of. Rock climbing, archery, fishing, and watersports are just a few activities that students will learn. 


Newswriting is a student-led journalism class that focuses on writing, interviewing, photography, and class bonding. Staff members are required to produce an article each month for the Trojan Torch. Deadlines are super important, and keeping up with the latest news is encouraged. Everyone on the staff is family, and everyone is welcome! (Applications are required before enrollment)

“The act of going out, interviewing, and researching is really fun for me,” says junior Grace Abraham. “Cheesy as it is to say, it’s like a little adventure that you get to share with others and enjoy.”

Housing/Interior Design-

This class is a great way for students to express their style within interior design, and get into the field while in high school. If you are obsessed with watching HGTV or Fixer Upper, this class is right for you. Students learn how to construct a home, arrange rooms, and recognize all the skills related to living spaces. 


Have you ever wanted to create decisions for a movie, or possibly make up a show? Well, screenwriting can give you that opportunity. Students will learn how to build stories, read scripts, and watch famous movies. If you have a big imagination, it can come to life in screenwriting!. This is an in-demand class, so make sure you apply early! (Approval of application required)

American Sign Language I-

Looking for a beneficial language class? Sign language might be for you if you want to develop awareness and communication with the deaf community. If you have a deaf friend, or have a passion for helping people, ASL is an amazing class choice for those types of areas. 

“I personally believe that ASL is an excellent class to take,” says ASL sophomore Kenneth Thomas. “The teachers are great and the class is nothing short of fun. Our instructors teach us the importance of ASL and the rich history it holds.”

Drawing I-

It is never too late to join an art class! In Drawing I, students learn basic art skills in design and composition. There are many opportunities to grow your drawing and sketching passion, with the use of various art utensils. If you are looking for something fun and stress relieving, this class is for you!

For more class options, check out the 2020-2021 course books. Or, check out last years course book linked below.

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