Got Wood… and Axes, Blades, Ninja Stars?

By Grace Abraham

Got Friends? Got Money?! Got Time?!? If so, then come down to Jenks Main Street to check out Got Wood Axe Throwing!

This shop was originally called Beard and Blade, a place where they would sell multiple types of blades. But Octoberfest of 2017 brought on a big change and inspired Co-Owner Jason Kearney to try something new.

“Once Jason tried out the axe throwing, he fell in love,” Assistant Manager, Miguel Tamburini says. “After that, he wanted to start a shop where people could come in, have fun, and throw axes.”

The “Axe Throwing” part of the name pretty much sums up what happens on the inside of this little shop. But to really see and appreciate what’s happening, you have to go in and take a look.

Right off the bat, you are required to sign a form for all the different throwing objects and for safety purposes. So if you’re worried about your personal safety while you’re here, don’t worry about it! Also, professional competitive throwers (who conveniently work there) will help you out and walk you through throwing techniques and stances to set you up for safe success. Once you’re done with the waivers, you’re ready to pick out some of the many items to begin throwing with.  

“We throw small axes, big axes, double big axes, knives, hatches, machetes, ninja stars, saw blades, tomahawks, and throwing cards,” Tamburini says. 

“Axe throwing is stress-relieving,” He adds. “It’s also not about force or power. It’s all about finesse and momentum.” So don’t worry about what you can and can’t do; they’ll help you out and ensure you enjoy your time.

Speaking of enjoying your time, Jenks Highschool’s very own Mrs. Stephanie Brimacomb, English teacher, went to Got Wood last year and came back with an amazing experience. 

“When my sister-in-law suggested it, I was a bit nervous, especially because I don’t have the best coordination,” Brimacomb says when asked about her initial reaction. “When I walked in, there were some scary-looking battle axes, which really didn’t settle my fears that much.”

But after a couple of rounds, one finally hit the target, and Brimacomb said that she started to get really comfortable and started to enjoy what was happening. 

“Surprisingly, I did have fun. My favorite thing to throw was actually a saw blade and not an axe.” Brimacomb says. “Saw blades seem much more practical in a zombie apocalypse anyway.” 

So if you’re looking to spend a good, competitive, and fun time with friends, definitely check out Got Wood Axe Throwing. Call or check their website to book an appointment or check availability. 

Number: (918)-528-3303



This year Got Wood won New Business of the Year award 

from Jenks Chamber of Commerce.

Miguel Tamburini, who is a professional axe thrower,

is showing this couple how to safely throw for the first time.

These are the awards that they have won from various competitions. 

Meet Dick the Angry Beaver. Facebook members got together and named 

Got Wood’s mascot, and the store went along with it. 

They have a glow-in-the-dark session when throwers get to literally throw in the dark. There are neon colors painted everywhere so it’s not totally dark. These TVs display live competitions for throwers to watch. 

There are the “battle-axes” that Mrs. Brimacomb 

was referring to when she walked into Got Wood.

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