Granting wishes for DUB Week

This January and February the student body needs to raise $28,000 to grant the wishes of four local children. For the scoop on what you can do to help and who these amazing kids are, keep reading! 

By Drew Bethell

This February you have the chance to change the lives of Kyra, Abe, and Braedon in a magical way. This year for the school’s philanthropy week student council has announced that all benefits will help grant the wishes of four local Make-A-Wish children. While the festivities may be held by the Student Council, it is everyone’s responsibility to help out and participate in a week full of dancing at the Sadie Hawkins, lunch activities, and dinner nights. We need to raise $28,000, so we better get on it! 

It’s easy to find a reason not to donate when someone is just a name on a piece of paper. While none of us have gotten the pleasure to meet these amazing kids, we have gotten the scoop on their personalities and especially, their likes and dislikes. Here’s what we know:

Kyra is three years old and loves taking in new experiences. She loves anything Disney but especially Moana and Ariel. This sweet girl is a hugger and is always ready to give love to everyone. Her wish is to explore Disney World so she can meet her favorite Disney princesses and take in all the new sights and sounds she finds along the way. 

Five-year-old Braedon is an outgoing, goofy, pro-wrestling fan who “loves all food”, and the color red. Braedon’s favorite hobbies include Xbox and playing his older brother, Darren, in basketball. This boy with a big heart is not just brave but fearless. For his wish, he wants to meet his favorite characters and ride rollercoasters. 

Abe is awesome. He is five years old and has a passion for painting and playing superheroes. He’s not just pretending though. He’s actually a sweet and friendly real-life superhero. He’s a big fan of Spider-man’s work. As a superhero, his favorite snacks include raspberries and pizza, and he enjoys shows like Daniel Tiger and Storybots. While Abe is currently busy saving the world, he has not disclosed what his wish is at the moment as it is probably very top secret information. 

Although number four’s parents haven’t given the okay to share information about them with us yet we can only expect that he is as amazing as the others!

If you would like to participate in changing these kids’ lives, you can do so by purchasing tickets to the Sadies’ dance, enjoying some of the lunch activities such as the Car Smash, Egg Toss, and inflatable games. You can even make a difference by eating at special locations so check the chart for more information! If you missed your opportunity to do some of these activities you can still donate online at:;jsessionid=00000000.app20119b?px=5000362&fr_id=3444&pg=personal&NONCE_TOKEN=7D39DC3F19291201B36086B7986B4E2B#.XidT6SRMElQ

Dinner Nights:

January 28- Louie’s in Jenks from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.

February 3- Panera in Tulsa Hills from 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.

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