Our Last Semester: Fun Experiences You Should Have

By: Natasha Perez

Jenks is a small town, meaning entertainment is always at an all-time low. With football season gone, we’ve grown tired of staying home all weekend. Luckily for you, the Trojan Torch has come up with a fun-tastic list to make the most of the new term!

1. Go to a game 

Going to a Jenks game is an essential high school experience. As you stand with your fellow schoolmates in the stands, you can feel the electric current of excitement (or anguish) rush through the crowd; cheer or fight song escaping their lips as Jenks scores! Whatever your sport is: wrestling, baseball, or soccer, you can find their schedules on their websites. Here are some options that continue/start this semester:

  1. Track & Field – Jan 18- May 16
  2. Basketball – Jan 23 – Fed 21
  3. Wrestling – Jan 24 – Fed 29
  4. Baseball – Fed 17 – May 14 
  5. Soccer – Fed 22- Apr 24
  6. Tennis – Fed 22 – May 16 
  7. Softball – Mar 3 – May 6 

2. Get a sonic milkshake close to midnight 

Oddly specific and kinda generic, but it’s just such a daydream experience. Imagine the breeze of the cool wind as you lay back in your car, listening to the radio mumbling in the background, as you sip a mix of vanilla and oreo. You enjoy the still moment under the stars, laughing with your friends about how close a dispensary is to the school. All in all a humble experience created by laughter and a decent milkshake. The timing couldn’t get better since half-priced shakes after 8 p.m. are officially back at Sonic, get ready for a hand-mixed master shake or classic shake. (Not sponsored by Sonic). 

A milkshake is great at any time of the day! 

3. Movie Marathon 

Been there done that, I know; but, it’s great for a reason. You could choose a variety of your favorite movies and force your friends to watch them! Joking, but it’s a great way to share a glimpse of your childhood, watching Disney, Star Wars, or Marvel. Binge-ing them one after another, eating your favorite snacks. With access to Hulu, Disney+, and Netflix, the variety of movies are endless. 

4. Make breakfast with your friends 

It’s the best way to make good food and have a small contest. Flex with your french toast skills. Grab some friends, organize who’s making the omelets, cooking the bacon, sausage, and making the fruit salad. Compete on who makes the best homemade pancakes and waffles. It’s just a great way to bring people together, show your skills, and enjoy each other’s company. It’s fun and you can do it anytime, like the morning of collaboration day or a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

5. Bonfire with friends 

A simple idea. Gather some friends, play games like truth or dare or get a card game like “Cards Against Humanity” or “Who’s Most Likely to”. Joke around, wrapped like a burrito facing the warmth of the bonfire. To make it extra special, grab some graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, and roasting stick the next time you head to the store. Fluffy smores to munch on makes everything better.  

6. Visit the Slab 

Tip #1: Don’t take your fancy shoes, there is a lot of dirt and some rocks to walk over. 

Tip #2: This is a daytime activity, you want to see where you’re stepping and make sure you don’t get lost. Be Smart.  

If you head to the Riverside Parks – Riverside & 96th, you’ll see a gazebo and a line of trees behind it. Hidden between some trees there’s an entrance to a secret path. If you follow it, you’ll find a slanted slab of cement covered in graffiti. It’s an interesting place as you take the time to appreciate the words and art painted on the cement. If you climb down the slab, you’ll find a slow “river” filled with rocks to step on. You’ll be facing the river ahead of you, watching it flow by. There’s no treasure at the end but it’s a heck of a journey, with the right people beside you.

A Blue Eye painted onto the cement at the Slab. 

7. Skate at the Riverwalk

I know there’s a skate park near Reasors, but this is for the rookie skaters. The best place to fall and try out new tricks would be the riverwalk. After getting scraps and burns, you have a variety of restaurants to choose from, such as Andolini’s pizza, The Marble Slab, and Burn co Barbeque. Eat some pizza, golf at the Flyingtee, or enjoy a ride by the river.

8. Pick up a new sport

It’s sadly a little late to try for a Jenks team, BUT You could mess around with sports equipment. Head to Play It Again Sports, where they sell new and gently used sporting goods. The store sells equipment for tennis, football, hockey, volleyball, and basketball. The equipment could range from ten to one hundred dollars, depending on the quality you want. Simply pick your sport, get your equipment and see how far you can throw that football or if you can hit a home run. The possibilities are endless. 

A Baseball Bat I found at Play It Again Sports, what a steal!

Now that you have some ideas of fun activities to do in this small town, make the most of your second semester. We’re only young once. 

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