“Why wouldn’t we take the books to them?!”: Trojans Read The Way

By: Lily Heritage

Karen Workun is one of the teachers who helped organize and continues to be a major contributor to the new reading program, Trojans Read the Way, here at Jenks. You’ve probably heard about this program already, but what really is it? 

Trojans Read the Way started with the idea that during the summer, students may not have the same opportunities to go to the library to get books. So, into existence this program came. English teachers like Workun and administration worked together to make it possible for the media center to be open during the summer, and even better yet, a book mobile that gives away free books. 

The book mobile services apartment complexes in the district that have a high population of teenagers, and that aren’t serviced by the Tulsa County Library book mobile. It’s meeting a need not currently met. 

“We started out thinking that we would rent books out, but it became clear to us very quickly that we would need to just give books out”, Workun says. 

As of now, the bookmobile set up consists of a van, some crates, folding tables, an overhead tent, and of course, BOOKS!. By no means is this a shabby set up, it does the job! However, Workun and her coworkers have high hopes for this program. 

“The sky is really the limit with this… We actually have been told that there is a bus that transportation has, and maintenance here in the district is willing to retrofit it for us with bookshelves,” Workun elaborates. “That will make it easier to get into the apartment complexes anyways, and it’s equipped with a full handicap lift so anyone will be able to get onto the book mobile.”

All of this sounds great, right? You’re probably wondering, where do I sign up to be involved in this amazing program? Well, as of now there are no current volunteer opportunities (key words: as of now. Keep an eye out!). However, you can help by donating gently used books! All books are appreciated!

You can either donate to anyone involved in Trojans Read the Way, or there are donation boxes located at the Jenks Education Service Center and Burn Bootcamp on the Riverwalk. Now, get reading Trojans!

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