Guide for New Students

By Elise Siebert

Jenks High School can overwhelming — especially for new students. Imagine going to Jenks for the first time and trying to make your way around the huge campus. And then to make things worse, the buildings have confusing names like the “TAC,” “PEG,” and “The J.” Because of this, the Trojan Torch wanted to put together a guide to help out all of the new students. 



The “Performing Arts Center” in Building 5. This is the largest auditorium on campus, near the Building 5 office. You can easily find the PAC when you walk through the two main entrances in Building 5. 


Also known as the “TAC Shack.” This is the gym located next to the Dining Hall at the south end of Building 5 and north of Building 6. The TAC stands for the Trojan Activity Center, this is where many pep assemblies and other school activities are hosted. 

The Frank- 

The huge gym. The Frank is the large building is on the far East side of campus next to the campus police station. In this building, many sports are hosted like basketball, volleyball, and wrestling. 

The J- 

The J is basically a square of bricks in front of the TAC that make the letter J. “The J” is where many people meet up and sometimes clubs will give out t-shirts here. 


TSI is where students go for tech support. If someone has a broken Chromebook, TSI is where they would go. It is a small, white trailer towards the end of the Math and Science building. 

Student Union- 

The Student Union is where students get together for clubs and tests. It is connected to Building 6. There is an alley in Building 6 near the Aquatic Center, to get to the Student Union, you walk through the alley and it would be through a door on the left right before going inside Building 6. 


The PEG stands for the Physical Education Gym. It is a building with two gyms between the Dining Hall and the Freshman Academy. There is also the PEG Parking which is located behind the Dining Hall and PEG building. 

Multi-Purpose Room-

The Multi-Purpose Room is where enrollment happens, clubs are hosted, and different tests are taken. This is a big room towards the south end of Building 6 near the Building 6 auditorium and the virtual room. It has a wall of windows and two entrances. 

How do the room numbers work?

The classroom numbers have the building number first, then the floor number, then the classroom number. 

For example: classroom 5245 would be in Building 5, on the second floor, in classroom number 45. 


Throughout the school year, there are also many events that students can get involved in and attend. Like many other schools, Jenks has things like spirit week, pep assemblies, and sporting events. But there are some events that are more unique at JHS. 

Pom Fashion Show- 

The Pom Fashion Show is a fundraiser for the Jenks dance team, Jenks Pom. Seniors can participate in the fashion show, they will get to wear a dress from one of the sponsored stores. Then they get to walk down the “runway” and model in the show.  

The Great Debate- 

This is an event that happens during advisory. Four teachers with different political views debate on different modern issues and answer different questions. Students can attend during advisory for free. 

Hometown Huddle- 

The Hometown Huddle is an event for the whole community. This event happens during football season and it is basically a big carnival for families to go to before the football game. It is held towards the south end of campus near downtown Jenks. 

Trojan Idol- 

Trojan Idol is a baseball fundraiser where the baseball team players sing and dance. It is usually really funny and each baseball player has to perform a song. This event happens towards the beginning of the second semester and located in the PAC (Jenks Performing Arts Center.) 

Powderpuff Game- 

This is an annual event for where Junior and Senior girls can participate in the Powder Puff game. This is a flag football game between the Juniors and Seniors. 

If you need any further information or any help getting around campus, DM our Instagram @JenksTrojanTorch or stop by our room 5222, upstairs in Building 5. Also, if you want a Trojan Link member to show you around campus, you can also contact Ms. Lau at

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