DUB For Sharks?!? Oklahoma Aquarium Raises Funds for Shark Research with First-Ever Valentine’s Dance: Wavy 80s

By: Grace Abraham

Friday, February 14TH was Oklahoma Aquarium’s first-ever Valentine’s dance. Dancers at this 80s themed family event swayed along with Generation X music played by a live DJ while ticket proceeds went straight to fund their shark research. “We have the largest collection of bull sharks in the world,” Danielle Beck, Special Events Coordinator says. “And we’re globally renowned for our research with these animals.”

Live DJ had the crowds happily dancing by playing 80s tunes.

Partygoers at this stellar event were able to take silly pictures wearing neon colors in the photo station while eating deliciously delectable s’mores. The night was full of laughter and joy as couples, parents, and children danced with each other while admiring the aquatic view.

“Everyone loves the 80s,” Beck says. “The music is unique, the colors are fabulous and pair nicely with most of our tropical fish.”

Families got to enjoy this lively evening dancing with each other and having fun.

Being the only public dance that the Aquarium hosts, the turn out was exactly what they hoped for. “We have been doing a Valentine’s Day event for several years. This year we wanted to make it an event that the whole family could enjoy!” Beck added.

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