Pour one out for Sip: Vintage Key Coffee is here

By: Jett Millican

A beloved Main Street Jenks business has been replaced. Sip Coffee Bar closed its doors, and underwent renovation late last year. Vintage Key Coffee opened its doors on October 9th of 2019, and since then they have been pumping out made from scratch pastries and Mountain Bird brand coffee to the people of Jenks.

However, would Vintage Key fill the whole that Sip left? I had to find out for myself. After school I made the short drive over to mainstreet, and after a walk down the street, I was in the door by 4:10, which was perfect because Vintage Key is open from 7AM to 5:30PM, Tuesday through Friday. This means that Vintage Key is the perfect close hangout to get some work done after school. 

I walked in and was in awe at what some new decor and a fresh coat of paint can do to a place. I ordered my cappuccino, as well as a peanut butter cookie. I was also able to try out a vanilla latte, and an iced white chocolate mocha because I brought friends with me on this adventure. 

After a bit of a wait, we got our drinks. My espresso was everything I was looking for, it was strong but not overbearing, and immediately revitalized me and helped the cut of the cold wind outside. 

The cookie was a tremendous after school snack, it felt like coming home to fresh baked cookies from mom. The oversized cookie was a little dry, but perfect when dipped in your warm drink.

The sweeter drinks like the latte and the mocha

 were deliciously sweet; however, I usually just take my coffee black so I doubt I could ever make it through the entirety of one. All the drinks written on the chalkboard were affordable and sounded delicious. 

After walking in the door I was greeted by a friend of mine that I hadn’t expected to be there. She was there studying and hanging out with a friend of hers, which gave me hope that Jenks High School students could have their own new place to go with friends after school.

I believe that Vintage Key has everything good about Sip, and then some. You can go follow Vintage Key on Instagram @vintagekeycoffee or on Facebook @VintageKeyCoffee. Go check out their website, vintagekeycoffee.com for more on their hours, as well as their own blog and photo gallery. Stop by Vintage Key this winter and warm up with a delicious coffee.

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