Going For a Strike: Jenks Bowling Team

By: Elise Siebert

Though it’s largely unknown, those on the Jenks High School bowling team are invested. 

The bowling season started in November and the team has been working hard to gain their skills for the upcoming competitions. 

Many Jenks students are not aware of the High School bowling team because it is actually not funded by the school or a booster club. The team operates through Andy B’s bowling alley and they are having a strong season so far. 

The boy’s team has six members and the girl’s team has five members and each bowler is at a different skill level. Thankfully, the boy’s coach, Doug Napier, and the girl’s coach, Steven Waryas, work hard to help the bowlers improve their skills and become more confident. 

“It’s really less about the sport and more about having fun. As it has progressed I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve gotten to hang out with new people and it is something I look forward to.” says Senior Andrew Carter. 

Carter joined the bowling team halfway through his senior year to help the team qualify for competitions because there must be five for each team. Although some of the other teammates have been playing for years. 

“I started the second semester of my freshman year. I joined at first to spend time with my brother but it’s actually been really fun hanging out with my friends,” says Senior Brooke Bachelder, “It’s not really anything serious, it is just something fun to do outside of school. We have been practicing every Thursday and we have games every Friday.” 

Since bowling is such a personal sport, it takes a lot of self-dedication. The bowlers have been working hard to improve every week leading up to Regionals so they can then qualify for State. 

“At practice, I will work on my technique and form,” says Senior Thomas Mckenna, “ I started by watching videos on what works best and I had a friend who also was a great bowler and he helped me.” 

The team ending their season at Regionals on Feb. 22 at 6th place in the region.

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