Geocaching: The World’s Largest Treasure Hunt at Home

By: Mikyla Khan

Watch Our Geocaching Experience!

“There it is!” 

We started cheering. We actually found our first geocache! Using the clues we ended up behind a Gaetano’s by a lamppost. I lifted up the base of the post to reveal a mint box filled with toys and prizes. 

Geocaching is the world’s largest treasure hunt. There are millions of geocaches worldwide, there are probably some near you right now! Using the official Geocaching app, you get help finding the caches around you. Choose the one you want to find and follow the coordinates and hints to find caches of different shapes, sizes, and difficulties. After finding a cache, always sign the logbook to let the next person know you found it! Take anything you want from the cache, but be sure to leave something in return.

Using the official Geocaching app, I went to four caches in the Jenks/Glenpool area and two in Downtown Tulsa. Once my group chose a location we raced to the spot. Using the hint we were able to close in on the caches and find them! We found treasures from plastic babies to loom bracelets to lego pieces. Geocaching employs problem-solving and puzzle skills. We sleuthed and identified clues through navigation and exploring our city. Feeling the excitement and satisfaction of finding the cache is all part of the fun and makes the journey worthwhile.

Geocaching with a group of friends was something I would love to continue doing. It is the perfect excuse to explore your city, spend time with friends and family, and find little treasures. I believe it is something everyone should experience at least once. 

You will learn that discovery, exploration, and adventuring still exist in our beautiful world. Geocaching will get you outside and it is a great way to stay moving and active. Geocaches are hidden all over the world, it can take you to amazing places or you can discover places you never knew existed in your own neighborhood. You will be able to experience all nature has to offer mixed with the work of artists and engineers. Geocaching can also be a great way to de-stress in the peaceful air of nature. More elaborate geocaches can even stretch your limits mentally and physically. Who doesn’t love a challenge and the thrill of victory? And of course, you will have stories to last a lifetime!

Follow the TikToker @geocachingvlogger to check out some amazing and complex geocaches around the world!

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