Supporting Small Businesses in Jenks

By: Natalie Eaton

During this difficult year of 2020, it is now more important than ever to support local businesses.  They know their customers much better than national chains and they invest their dollars right back here into our community. This month we got to know two local businesses.

The Pink Lily: 

Just a little bit off Jenks main street is The Pink Lily, a small but welcoming antique shop. Walking in, the store is comfortable with a friendly cat meeting you as you close the door. The Pink Lily has a wide variety of artifacts, clothing, and trinkets being sold for anyone to enjoy.

“My little word for the Pink Lily is an eclectic mix of past and present,” says owner Sherry Bonner. “I always say it is worth a trip around the corner. I carry stuff I love, like quilts, chandeliers, furniture, clothing, shoes, repurposed furniture and more.” 

Bonner expresses that many people come in not only to shop, but just for the friendly atmosphere and a good talk. That is no surprise since Bonner’s favorite thing about her job is the community. 

“I am a people person and I love to work and be around people. I think customer service is my thing, that’s just me,” exclaims Bonner. “Talking amongst the people who walk into The Pink Lily pleases me to death. Men shopping for their wives, women, young couples, all come in here to buy gifts or to find something they love.”

Owner of The Pink Lily, Sherry Bonner

When the pandemic struck Jenks, Bonner decided to continue with her business. She stayed active on social media and kept positive. What helped Bonner keep going strong was her loyal shoppers. 

“Being here 10 years, I have very loyal customers,” exclaims Bonner. “They supported my business. It has been a struggle, a lot of people around here have not been able to stay open. I feel very blessed that I am still open number one, and that I am healthy and able to work.”

Bonner is grateful for the support and hopes more people will get out and support small businesses instead of shopping online. 

“I feel like it is very important to support small businesses, because if they are not supported they are not gonna stay open,” says Bonner.  “With Covid, I mean this more than ever.” 

-The Pink Lily just celebrated 10 years of being open in Jenks. 

-The shop is located at : 112 S 1st St, Jenks, OK 74037

-For more information, check out The Pink Lily’s Instagram account (@thepinklilyok) or their Facebook Page.


If you are a potato fan, you’re in luck! Rubicon is all about potatoes, and is a great small local restaurant that just opened. 

Rubicon makes all of their foods smoked. The restaurant serves different types of meats including hot wings, chicken and brisket as well as sandwiches and salads. According to owner Blake Benjamin, everything is pretty much the same setup as a potato, but instead of a potato, you have bread, or instead of a potato you have salad. You also have your choice of meats for each option.

I ordered the Rubicon Potato with chicken as my meat of choice. It came with a small salad and toasted bread. 

Eating at Rubicon is very convenient since you can choose whether you want to order on the go or enjoy a meal inside the restaurant with your family. I would recommend ordering to-go to get your food as quickly as possible. 

“Rubicon is a nice little mom-and-pop shop that gets your food to you as quickly as possible,” says Benjamin. “We do not have too many employees – we are just busting food out as quick as we can.”

As a small restaurant in Jenks, Benjamin is trying to keep Rubicon’s first year of business consistent. With many local places going out of business, keeping faith is most important. 

“We are just trying to keep the ship afloat,” says Benjamin.  “We are definitely keeping everybody around us in our prayers, and whatever we can do to help, we are definitely down for it for sure.” 

Inside the restaurant, there are three seating booths. 

As with many small businesses in Jenks, Benjamin believes trying your best and rolling with the punches is the most important thing to do. 

“Try not to make every single person happy, and make every dish with love, and let God take care of the rest,” exclaims Benjamin. “I have noticed sometimes that I have messed up on a dish, and I’ll take it personal, and get down about it. But I have learned to stay motivated.”

At Rubicon, “every potato is made with love.” Benjamin hopes that if you enjoy your experience, please leave a review and let them know how much you like it!

-Rubicon is located at : 109 N Elm St, Jenks, OK 74037 

Check out Rubicon’s Menu here!

-To place a to-go order, call (918) 938-1773

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