Best Local Fries in Tulsa

By: Audrey McGee

Being a Vegetarian in Tulsa isn’t all that easy. Yes, there have been numerous establishments around the area that have come out with Vegetarian/Vegan options for those who abstain from meat or meat byproducts; however, there are always those places that only serve a meat-based entree. This has led me to develop a finer appreciation for the common ground between most establishments: French Fries. 

Now everyone has their opinion on who has the best fries, but I am here to give an official guide on which Local restaurants have the best fries. I have picked some of the Trojan Torch’s favorite local fry places to review for this article. 

The criteria I shall be following consist of 2 main categories: Taste and Price. 

Now over time, the art of fry making has evolved and through these creative minds, we have gotten a multitude of different types of fries. Knowing this, I have broken up these restaurants based on their best type of fry. Then I will rank each one. 

The places I will be ranking in no particular order: Brook- Cheese Fries, Ron’s- Cheese Fries, Oklahoma Joe’s- Sweet potato fries, Society Burger- Sweet potato fries, Yokozuna- Sweet Potato fries, The Garage – Both, Fat Guys, Arnolds, and Chicken, and the Wolf.

The Brook cheese fries
Photo from: Yelp, Alyssa W. 

The Brook – Cheese Fries

The brook is a classic place to dine in with friends. Although they are known for many things like their queso and fried pickles, people flock for their cheese fries. No matter which location you go to, you will not be disappointed. 

Price: Half $6.75  Full $10.25 

*it should be noted my family (4) can barely down a full plate so when I tell you these fries are filling, they are filling!

Overall, I give these fries a solid 6/10. These are a classic order that you can never go wrong with. My only critique comes with the fact that once you get started on these fries, it is nearly impossible to stop, and before you know it you are bursting at the seams. These are solid homemade fries complemented with melted cheddar cheese. It is just the greasy mess you need to get you through the week. The only problem I have with them is the cheese isn’t as stringy and melty. You can pull one of the fries out of the stack without any cheese on it. I do suggest though if you are to go out and get these fries to go with a group and share them or it’s your own downfall. 

Ron’s Cheese Fries

Rons – Cheese Fries 

Ron’s is truly a must stop as far as diners in Tulsa. I have been eating at Ron’s with my family ever since I was a little girl. Even at a young age, I couldn’t help but downing a whole plate of cheese fries with their signature ranch. 

Price: Half $3.45 Full $4.50

Thoughts: I had forgotten about this wonderful place until I brought the idea of this article up to my family. I recently went again, and let me tell you they are just as good as I remember them! Even though I can’t have half the things on their menu, I always beg to go now when given the chance. I give these fries a 9/10 through and through. 

Yokozuna Sweet Potato Fries
Photo From: Yelp, Elliot W.

Yokozuna – Sweet Potato Fries

Yokozuna is a popular sushi place in Tulsa with an establishment on both Yale and Downtown. Normally not known for their fries, these things are like a hidden treasure. Don’t let their theme fool you, these fries are not to be missed!

Price: $7.50

Overall: I had never been to Yokozuna up until this year for one of my friend’s birthday parties. I remember going and a couple of people had ordered the sweet potato fries and I thought since they were a sushi restaurant they wouldn’t be too good; however, the friend I was sitting next to gave me a bite of theirs and after I stole a bit too many of them, I bought them a new one. I will give these fries an 8/10 they were really good and I will be getting them again if I go. 

Society Burger Sweet Potato Fries
Photo from: Yelp, Chandra P.

Society Burger – Sweet Potato Fries

Society Burger is a more modern kind of burger place with a variety of odd flavor combos with their food; however, don’t let that scare you away from them! I have had some of the best meals of my life here with their jalapeno cheddar tots and truffle aioli. It’s also a major plus that they have vegetarian patties for their burgers you can order. Although I end up getting a whole meal there, I can never turn down a good fry and this qualifies as one for me. 

Price: $3.50

Overall: I love these sweet potato fries. They are light and crispy waffle fries that pair wonderfully with any of the various sauces on their menu. Although it can be hard to finish both a burger and fries from this place, you will be craving them for the days to follow. I give these fries an 8.5/10.

Garage Sweet Potato Fries
Yelp from: Michele O

The Garage is a burger joint with all of its locations filled with oddities that never fail to amuse. Everything here is good from their vegetarian burgers, to their queso, to their sweet potato fries. It’s the perfect place to go on a Saturday night to enjoy some good food and watch a football game. 

Price: $2.99

Overall: The Garage is never a bad choice to get. Every single time I have eaten there the food has been amazing. Although I shouldn’t, I always finish off my burger with fries because of how addicting they are. Pro tip: Their sweet potato fries are most enjoyable when paired with either their chipotle aioli or their queso. I give these fries a 9/10, truly some of the best fries out there. 

Oklahoma Joe’s – Sweet Potato Fries

Oklahoma Joe’s is an Oklahoma based establishment known best for their Barbecue. Although I can’t eat a good portion of their menu, I find myself frequenting here a lot. 

Price: $2.99  

Overall: These are the absolute best fries I have ever had in my life and I promise I am not over exaggerating. These are thick fries seasoned with a ranch kind of seasoning. Now I might have lost you there but they are absolutely delicious. These fries are the bar for me. I can’t eat a good majority of the things on their menu but I get take out from there 24/7 just for their fries. I give these fries a 10/10, there is no critique for me, this one wins. 

Fat Guys Fries
Yelp from: Jared M. 

Fat Guys – Plain Fries

Fat Guys is a burger place in downtown Tulsa over on Greenwood. They have some of the best food you will ever have, everything from their shakes to their grilled cheese to their fries are amazing. You can’t go wrong with ordering from here. Plus their servers are always very friendly and nice which is always appreciated. 

Price: Half $3.75 Full $6.85

Overall: These fries are amazing. In such a moment, you are on cloud 9; however, these fries can really do a number on you if too many are consumed. I will be putting a warning on them now. The half is hard for me to finish so when I tell you no one person should consume all of the full, there is a health risk if attempted. I am giving these fries a 9/10

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