Where to Get Fall Treats This Season

By: Natalie Eaton

Fall season is finally here! Time to pull out your warm and fuzzy clothes, turn on some football, and get your fall foods out. Looking for some places to get some fall treats? No problem! The Torch has composed a list of places to get some amazing fall items for you to enjoy this season. Check it out!

Esperance Bakery:

Located in Jenks, Esperance Bakery is a great place to stop by in the morning to start off your day. When the cold fall weather is getting to you, come inside Esperance and grab some toasted pumpkin and cream cheese danishes with a cup of french coffee. The bakery also has a pumpkin slushy and different savory items like steak hand pies and marinara with italian sausage. Seasonal foods, croissants, coffee, and more can all be found here at the bakery!

“We are unique in that we make our items by hand, from scratch, and with as many local and organic items as we can source,” says owner Hope Alexander.  Our menu varies from week to week and we add items we think we will have a demand for. I feel like these reasons and more make it worth the visit.”

-Esperance Bakery offers sit in dining and curbside pickup.

-For pickup, call (918)-528-6544

-Esperance Bakery is located at: 610 W Main St, Jenks, OK 74037

– Click here for more information on the bakery

Farrell Family Bread:

Nothing is better than eating fresh pecan bread on a cool autumn day. If you are looking for anything bread for your fall list, Farrell Family Bread is the place to shop!

Located in Tulsa, the small shop smells like fresh baked bread right out of the oven when you walk in. Some of the many fall items you can find here is, of course, bread! Fresh pumpkin bread, pecan bread, and so much more can be found in their large displays in the bakery. Pumpkin spice cookies, pecan shortbread cookies, pumpkin, apple, and pecan pies, and pumpkin scones can also be found here. If you want to give someone a nice fall present, Farrell Family bread offers medium sized gift baskets filled with cookies, scones, and everything listed above. 

-To check out more about the bakery, check out the Farrell Family Bread website.

-Farrell Family Bread is located at: 8034 S Yale Ave, Tulsa, OK 74136

Nouveau Chocolates:

Fall cannot be complete without chocolate! Nouveau Chocolates, located in Broken Arrow, has plenty of options to choose from for this season and Halloween as well. 

“We are doing lots of fun things,” says owner Hailey Piper. For Halloween, we have chocolate skulls that have raspberry filling on the inside, so like brains when you crack them open. I even have a chocolate jack o’lantern, not a real one of course.”

Nouveau Chocolates also offers Caramel apples, little pretzel fingers, and a wide assortment of chocolate solids and marshmallows for this season. 

-For more on the chocolate shop, visit their website here.
-Nouveau Chocolates is located at: 205 S Main St, Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Merritt’s Bakery Riverside

Merritt’s Bakery is a great bakery for all seasons, especially Fall. As you walk in, the bakery is fully decked out in Halloween and autumn decorations, which really sets the vibe!

As you wait in line, you can take the time to look at the large amounts of halloween decorated cookies the bakery has displayed. Above the displays are beautiful autumn decorated cakes ready for someone to order. Miniature pumpkin and pecan pies, pumpkin rolls, and pecan loaves are all offered as well! Merritts bakery has plenty to provide for the fall season. 

-Check out the bakeries website here!

-Merritt’s Bakery is located at: 9521-G, Riverside Pkwy G, Tulsa, OK 74137

Tulsa Farmers’ Market:

What is fall without fresh produce? If you need any ingredients for your recipes and meals this fall season, Tulsa Farmers Market will not let you down. The local market is known for it’s amazing vendors and its food grown right here in Oklahoma. Vendors at the market sell anything you can think of! Vegetables, nuts, fruits, dairy, and more. Take your fall meals to the next level and check this place out!

-Tulsa Farmers’ Market is located at: 1 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74104

-For more information, check out the Tulsa Farmers’ Market website!

Photo Credit: Tulsa World

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