Spooky Shopping: Check out These Halloween Costume Shops!!

By: Emma Zeller

The world of commercial costume sales is a competitive place to be, ruled by the commercial stores like Halloween Loco and Spirit Halloween. They and many other shops compete fiercely each year for their costuming clientele. That leaves us, the consumers, with one main question- Which store is better for what? To find an answer, we will travel to each of the nearest Halloween themed stores and evaluate their product variety for all of your costuming needs.

In the area, there are many costume shops big and small, the closest of these are on 71st Street. 

For a great personalized shopping experience, visit small businesses like Spot Lite Magic & Costumes on 71st and Memorial. 

“I love helping our customers find what they’re looking for,” says Sacheen Platten, the shop’s current owner. “We’re a family business. We opened in 1976, so I grew up in this store.” 

Spot Lite Magic & Costumes is open year-round. They get the most busy during Halloween, but it’s also a great option for themed party costumes. The walls are lined with masks and chilling decor, there’s a fortune telling machine by the front door, and even a spooky christmas tree by the registers. Out of all the decorations, a customer favorite is undoubtedly the dragon in the corner. The minute a customer walks into the store, there’s a helpful salesperson ready to assist them. When looking for halloween decor and unique costumes, Spot Lite Magic & Costumes is the place to go.

For a wide selection of products, Spirit Halloween offers a variety of popular costumes. They have countless animatronics that growl and give a scare to customers that enter. These animatronics and other eccentric products are perfect for porch decorations. At the back of the store are the makeup sets and a plethora of wigs.

“We have a huge mask and wig collection,” says Kayleigh East, a Spirit Halloween employee. “That’s what everyone comes in for.” 

Lining the back walls of the store, there are masks displayed as far as the eye can see. As for this year, plague doctor masks have apparently made a comeback. Also, along with the jump-scaring animatronics, wigs, and masks, they also have a vast clearance section full of accessories and costumes. All around, Spirit Halloween has a great selection of every in-trend Halloween product available.

No matter what store you go to, there’s sure to be something for everyone. These stores all have wonderful customer service, great products, and they are sure to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. To preview the products you’ll see in store, check out their selection online!

Spirit halloween products can be found here, and Spot Lite Magic & Costumes products are available here.

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