Homecoming Court, Covid Edition

By: Avery Hudkins

Imagine you and your friend’s are dancing the night away on the dance floor. Nobody can steal this moment away from you. Except for Corona. This year’s homecoming court and celebration will be a lot different. From having no dance, parade, or pep rally. With all the regulations and safety procedures we have to follow now, it is completely in contrast to previous year’s homecomings. 

Stuco head leaders, Mr. Peterson and Mrs. Mahaffey, have many views on how homecoming court will be different this year. In order to follow the regulations for homecoming court:

 “You must be  eligible, wear masks, and maintain social distance,” says Mr. Peterson.

Stuco has been planning out this year’s homecoming since September 1st. 

“[I wish] there was more time at the game this year to give kids a moment,” says Mrs. Mahaffey. 

This year only the seniors will be talked about on the field during the homecoming game. Every year, the parade and pep rally gives every student in each grade a chance to shine; however, this year without a parade or pep rally this is not possible. 

This year there will still be some light in the darkness. Stuco has put together a video to showcase the nominees and finalists for sophomores and juniors as well as king and queen nominees. 

“It’s a forced but better change to showcase the kids,” says Mahaffey. 

Another special moment taken away this year is the dinner Mrs. Mahaffey throws for the queens and their families. 

“Every year the night of the homecoming game I throw a dinner party for all the queens and their families,” Mahaffey says. “It’s so special to meet their families. The parents get to watch from the balconies; however, this year, due to Covid this will not happen.” 

Homecoming is always such a special time for students to come together and make lasting memories. Although this year may be very different from previous years, as a community we should still try to celebrate our school and all the nominees on homecoming court this year. 

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