After the Fact: Talking With Jenks Alum, Kayla Magnuson

By: Sophia Stunkard 

Four years, 1,460 days, 48 dreadful finals, and then it’s all over. Your high school years are behind you and locked up in a box to never be spoken of again. Until, that is, a sophomore from the school newspaper wants to interview you about those memorable days roaming the halls of Jenks High School. As you may have already guessed, I’m that sophomore and today I will be discussing high school sweethearts, stereotypes, and everything in between with Jenks grad Kayla Magnuson, class of 2017.  

Q: What is your favorite memory from Jenks High School?

 I always enjoyed winterguard and everything – wait, let me be more specific; I woke up from a nap like twenty minutes ago… Winning state winterguard for the first time when I was a freshman in high school – circa 2014 – was a big deal. I was a freshman on the varsity team, so it was so important to me personally and for the team in general.

Kayla Magnuson pictured at a wintergaurd performance in 2016

Q: What were your post graduation plans?

A: I went straight to OSU for two years after high school graduation and I loved it so much. Then my program kinda got dismantled – I was in the interior design program. All of the good professors left, and I just wasn’t enjoying it anymore.

Kayla decided to return to Tulsa from Stillwater while keeping a positive attitude.

Everything fell into place and it all worked out in its own little way. Now I’m here in Tulsa, waiting for the pandemic to be over and then my plan is to go back to school.

Q: How was your high school experience all in all? 

A: I had a really good high school experience. Well… senior year kinda sucked.  It was only because I wanted to get out of there, but there were still some really awesome moments that made it all worth it. I don’t have many bad memories from high school, it was usually just the getting in trouble for leggings or dress code… that’s where most of my problems stemmed from.

Q: If you had to fit into any high school stereotype, what would it be?

A: Back then I was just a random cool band kid, NOT a weird band kid (if you’re allowed to write that in the paper). I was the kind of person who knew a ton of different people from all different types of social groups; I was just a little floater. Currently, I would say as soon as I went to college and I had more freedom with the way I dressed and I wasn’t worried about how people were thinking about me, that’s when I got more artsy with it. 

Kayla Magnuson showing off her two Dorito bags and flexibility at Jenks High School (2016)

Q: Now would you like to share your high school sweetheart story?

A: Oh absolutely, yes.

It started in Mrs. Stadlers 8th grade science class. In my lab group there was this beautiful boy named Karter K, who I had the biggest crush on but for no apparent reason – I was just naturally drawn to him. It’s junior year now and I’m sitting in science class. To my surprise, in walks perfect, beautiful, Karter K. once again.  He came to sit next to me; I was in love with him the entire time. 

Then, after graduation, I was freaking out because I never thought I would see him again. Then there’s college; he goes to work, I move back to town and I hit him with the “come to my apartment” text and the rest is history. We’re having our one year on January 13th.

Kayla and Karter, pictured during the summer of 2020.

Q: Should college always be the answer for graduating seniors?

A: I think it’s extremely beneficial from a social aspect. It’s an amazing way to meet all sorts of new people and can help find out who you are and what’s important to you.

It is detrimental that you go to college and know that you’re passionate about what you plan to do; at the end of the day, you are there for school, your future, and your career. 

Don’t focus so much on the social stigma surrounding colleges. No matter when you might decide to go, there will always be that stigma. So, if you need time to figure everything out, take your time. At the end of the day, just follow your heart.

S: What is your most valuable piece of advice for students at JHS?

K: Let me think of a good one here.

  1. The best bathrooms if you want privacy are the music building bathrooms. I would walk across campus to get there in the middle of class. You’re still going to the bathroom, so definitely go there. 
  2. If you plan on going to college, get your AP classes out of the way in high school and work hard on the tests. Otherwise, you will have to sit through massive lectures and seminars for basic English. 

Q: Do you have any last words, or anything you’d like to add to this story?

A: Stream the new Kid Cudi album.

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