What to do at The Jenks Riverwalk

By: Natalie Eaton

(Photos and visit were done prior to the COVID Pandemic)

Right as you cross the Arkansas River and make your way over the bridge to enter Jenks, Riverwalk is the one of the first things you can see. All the businesses lined up in a row, aligning the river. With many things to offer, you can sure find something to do here. 

Riverwalk has some great places to eat and has some fun activities you could do with anyone. I will be talking about where I went in order, the atmosphere, food, affordability, and more. 

I decided to visit Riverwalk with two of my friends on a very bright, sunny, and warm day. It was an early afternoon, and the weather was in the high 60’s, perfect weather! My main goal was to check out all of the places I thought students at Jenks would enjoy.

Los Cabos: 

As we arrived, we parked in the Los Cabos Mexican Grill and Cantina and entered under the Bienvenidos arch. We walk through a large outdoor seating area, where Los Cabos has live music played for guests. I have lived in Jenks all my life, and I can say that the live music is performed well here, and the restaurant as a whole is full of class. Unfortunately, on a Saturday I went, no live music was playing that day. If you want to come when live music is playing, visit this link.


Los Cabos serves all of the Mexican classics, and all dishes are served with rice and beans. The adult menu has a variety of appetizer options. My favorite part about coming to Los Cabos is the unlimited amount of chips and salsa served. You can order queso and guac as well! I ordered my usual, three soft chicken tacos with rice and beans. The food is hot and fresh every time.


Inside Los Cabos, you get that instant smell of chips and salsa and a friendly atmosphere. Immediately, you get the sense that this restaurant is very family-friendly. For a Saturday and nice weather, the outdoor seating was quite busy, so indoors was our best bet without waiting. The waiters are very quick with refills and make sure your food is perfect when served. When I walked into Los Cabos, you can also tell it is very family and kid-friendly. I have 3 younger siblings, and the people at the front desk always ask how many kid menus, and set up highchairs. For as long as I could remember, I have gone to Los Cabos countless times for my birthday. The waiters and environment never fail to impress me. Great service! 

Marble Slab Creamery:

The next stop is Marble Slab, a handmade ice cream shop. When I arrived, I expected it to be super busy on a Saturday, but no one was inside. Walking in, it is a fairly small shop with a few tables inside for seating. But, there is plenty of seating outside for anyone who wants to enjoy the weather.


The menu, to my surprise, was filled with a variety of ice cream options! There was ice cream, of course, milkshakes, mix-ins, sundaes, and even cakes. I was a bit overwhelmed by all the options, but the shop has an ice cream counter and captions of all the ice creams you can choose from to make it easier. I decided to go the simple route, picking a medium-sized cookie dough and oreo ice cream. I chose to get a cone dipped as well, (costs extra). One of my friends decided to get a chocolate, almond,  and strawberry mix, which is kind of like frozen yogurt. When I got mine, there are tiny chunks of oreo and cookie dough in the ice cream, which makes it look really appealing! I did not think the medium cone was going to be so big, but overall it was delicious! For all the other options offered, check out this link for the menu.


Marble Slab Creamery is very family-friendly. It is also a perfect stop on any day to go with your friends and get some icy treats. My friends and I were served immediately when we walked in. Even better, the wait for our ice cream to be made did not take long at all. As we seated, a huge family with 4 younger children walked in and ordered. The workers were very nice and patient!

Andolini’s Pizzeria

Another great eating area on Jenks Riverwalk is Andolinis. The pizzeria is located farther down the riverwalk, but you can park closer for less of a walk. When I arrived, I noticed how nice the building looked in the front. Besides eating pizza, outside of the restaurant is a great place to take a picture!


Andolini’s goes far beyond just regular pizzas. If you are looking for a variety of toppings, styles, or gluten-free options, the pizzeria can serve that. All the classic Italian foods are offered, like garlic knots, spaghetti, chicken parmesan, and more. If you are not into pizza, salads are offered as well. For more food options, visit Andolini’s website.


Andolini’s is the perfect place to meet up with someone for lunch. Or, spending time with friends and family, because what can go wrong with pizza? One of the best things about Andolini’s is the outdoor seating. The day I went, the weather was perfect, and so many people wanted to eat outside and enjoy their pizza in the weather. The outdoor seating is a great addition, but indoors as well are great too! From indoors, there is an open view of the chefs rolling dough and making pizza. It adds to the warm and rustic atmosphere in the restaurant, and it makes you feel very welcomed. 

Burn Co. Barbeque:

Another great restaurant featured on Jenks Riverwalk is Burn Co. Barbeque, a restaurant that serves BBQ, smoked meats, and more. Around lunch and dinnertime, you can always expect this popular restaurant to be super busy! When I walked in, my friends and I were blasted with the delicious smells of smoked meats cooking from the kitchen. It gave me a fond memory of summer cookouts out by the pool. 


 If you are a meat lover, then Burn co is for you. With so many options, including brisket, ribs, pork, chicken, steak, salads, salmon, and even burgers, there is plenty to choose from. There are meal size options including the Lil man, big boy, and family-style. Classic sides also come with meals to give a complete hearty meal. For more information, visit the Burn co website.


Burn Co. is definitely a family restaurant! When you walk in, you can expect plenty of seating in the fairly big building. The tables are arranged to accommodate large groups, and some seats are benches to seat even more people. The restaurant is a part-time shop as well. There is an area in the store that features the many fresh types of meats you can buy or take to go. As you make your way to the back of the restaurant, there is a cool merch shop in the back where you can buy shirts and other cool stuff. As you are eating, you can see a little bit of the work going on in the kitchen, adding to the rustic charm Burn Co.

Looking for something to do besides eating out? Riverwalk has plenty of activities to do with friends and family.  

Flying Tee:

Flying tee is a great place to be active and engage with your friends. Golfing, food, and many games are offered for the whole family to enjoy. Even if you’re bad at golf, there is no judgment here. 

Trails and Hiking:

Starting as far back to the Jenks bridge, Jenks has trails that lead onto Riverwalk. My friends and I  spent time on the trail closest to Los Cabos. As we walked, we noticed many people out enjoying their day biking or walking their dogs as well. The walk was very nice since it was the closest to the Arkansas River. Also, it was right along with the Riverwalk shops. 

Music Events/ Concerts:

There is nothing better than jamming and dancing to music with your friends and family. Riverwalk holds music events and festivals at Los Cabos cabana or their Riverwalk crossing stage. Live music, food, and more! For more on dates for upcoming performances and events, check out the Riverwalk website.

Photo credit: Riverwalk Tulsa

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, places may have different hours and days that they are open.  Go support the businesses by ordering to-go or visiting  if you have the chance!

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