Shop Small: Black Owned Businesses in Tulsa

By: Matty Mooney

Black owned businesses and entrepreneurship has been around forever, since the beginning of the GreenWood District in the early 1900’s. Supporting our local small businesses should be celebrated and there are many great black owned small businesses around Tulsa to check out. So, use this spotlight to shop small, safely, and socially distant!

Fulton Street Books and Coffee

Owner Onikah Asamoa-Caesar represents her bookstore coffee hybrid in Downtown Tulsa. With specialties in black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) literature and lattes, you can visit her business (with Covid policies) or shop online for ally boxes and shirts! Visit her website here!

Murals of famous writers adorn the side of Fulton Street Books & Coffee on Latimer St. in north Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Mural outside of the bookstore. Photo credit ;

Frios Gourmet Pops

Coming into the spring and summer months, Frios Gourmet Pops is a popsicle business bringing unique flavors like king cake, avocado lime, and pumpkin spice to Downtown Tulsa for residents and patrons. Find locations and their website here.

Frio’s logo. Photo credit ;

Enlighten Candle Company

 During COVID-19, going online has become a common and main source of shopping. Enlighten Candle Company, an online soy based candle, wax melt, and mist company, believes in all natural ingredients good for the mind, body, and soul. Giving good vibrations and positive intention into each of their products. Shop their collection and visit their website here.

Candles & Room Fragrances|Enlighten Candle Company| Black Wall  Street-Tulsa, OK
A photo of a product on their website. Photo credit;

Waffle That!

Waffle That started as a food truck and a dream, and grew into a food success story. With a modern spin on chicken and waffles, they have options upon options of waffle pairings in a cone. To check it out for yourself and find locations visit here.

An order of chicken and waffles sit on a table at Waffle That restaurant in north Tulsa, Oklahoma.
A picture of chicken and waffles from Waffle that! Photo credit ;

Black Wall Street Gallery

While technically not a business, Black Wall Street Gallery is an art gallery in Greenwood. It’s name is from the original name of Greenwood, famously known as the “Black Wall Street” of America. The gallery offers work from local black artists and creatives and in a local hotspot in Downtown Tulsa. It includes work from the nonprofit production company Black Wall Street Theatre.

Shop shirts and preview the gallery at their website here.

Black Wall Street Gallery
Owner of Black Wall Street gallery. Photo credit ;

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